silverman1The Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant (CMB TG) currently has funding for 24 trainee positions. Most students are appointed for 2 years of support, pending continued National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding and satisfactory progress in their graduate studies. The program allows a maximum of 24 months of support by NRSA Institutional Training Programs. The minimum appointment is for 12 months of continuous support. The positions are awarded by a Selection Committee consisting of faculty representatives from participating departments. Each spring, eligible students complete an application, which is reviewed by the Selection Committee, and finalists are invited to give a short presentation of their research. The Selection Committee awards positions based on the studentĀ¹s application, faculty evaluations and research presentation.

We welcome applications from underrepresented minority students and students with disabilities.

Students apply to the CMB TG during years 2 and 3 of their graduate careers. The CMB TG cannot support students that are in their 5th year and beyond. MSTP and international students are not eligible to apply.


  1. UW participating faculty can be either regular departmental faculty or clinicians. If the faculty member does not have a primary appointment in one of theĀ 9 departments, they must have an adjunct appointment in one of the participating departments AND must be MCB faculty.
  2. Fred Hutch faculty must be in either Basic Science or Human Biology and MCB faculty. No clinical faculty may apply even if they are MCB faculty or have an appointment in one of the 9 participating departments.