Tuition and Benefits

julie-silverman-portraitThe Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant pays tuition and health insurance as long as sufficient funds are available. Other elective fees are the responsibility of the trainee and are not paid by the Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant.


The stipend for the Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant is $1,945 per month ($23,376 per year). The rate is set by NIH each July 1st. One semi-monthly paycheck on regular UW paydays, the 10th and 25th of each month, will include the stipend and salaries from part-time appointments such as TA, RA, etc.

Taxability of Stipends

In general, no federal withholding tax is deducted from stipend, such as the stipend support that CMB TG awardees receive. Even though stipends are distributed via payroll, they are NOT reported as wages on IRS Form W2. Stipends are reported to the IRS on IRS Form 1098-T, the Tuition Statement. Trainees typically owe tax on stipend income on the April 15th filing of their tax return and are responsible for determining their tax responsibility.  Assistance is available through the UW Student Fiscal Services Office through yearly tax preparation workshops. Or the trainee may wish to review the “Tax Information” page ( at the UW Student Fiscal Services website.

Support during Final Quarter

Trainees approaching their final quarter of study must plan ahead carefully. In order to have tuition paid by the training grant, a student must be appointed for 5 out of 6 pay periods during a quarter and must be registered for at least 10 credits. If a student is taken off the training grant before 5 out of 6 pay periods have passed, he or she will automatically receive a bill for the full tuition. If a student plans to leave the University earlier than this to accept another position, he or she may petition to register for fewer credits. However, students registered for fewer than 10 credits are not eligible to be supported by the training grant and the student’s stipend will need to be provided by the department. The student will also be responsible for payment of that quarter¹s tuition. Students who anticipate being paid by the training grant during their final quarter should consult with their department¹s administrator and the MCB Office in advance of their final quarter.

Travel Awards

Requests for travel funds are available in the MCB Office and here online. Travel funds are available each year on a 1st-come, 1st-served basis. Travel requests are reviewed and approved based on the application and availability of funds. Trainees are encouraged to apply as early as possible to allow sufficient time for review of the request and for prepayment of airline tickets and registration fees. The maximum allowed is $300 per year of appointment which must be used during the trainee’s appointment period.