Scharenberg, Andrew

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Box 359300-C9S-6

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Seattle Children's Research Institute
1900 9th Ave.
Box 359300-C9S-6
Seattle, WA 98101

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(206) 987-7314

Research Summary: 

The Scharenberg laboratory is interested in the development and application of cell engineering technology.

1) We have had a longstanding interest in developing gene repair methods for hematopoietic genetic diseases, and working within the Northwest Genome Engineering Consortium, we have pioneered homing endonuclease engineering technology for this purpose.  Present efforts are centered on optimizing nuclease and repair template delivery to primary and pluripotent stem cells using viral vectors and advanced electroporation methods, and on implementing gene repair in primary cells and animal models.

2) Two recent reports this past summer demonstrated that adoptive cell therapy for cancer has the potential for curative therapy of a range of malignancies for which present standard therapies are limited capacity.  Our group is working with Dave Rawlings laboratory at the Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies and Michael Jensen’s laboratory at the Center for Childhood Cancer to apply a variety of cell engineering tools, including TAL effector nucleases, homing endonucleases, lentiviral and foamy viral gene transfer vectors, and advanced electroporation techniques to develop the next generation of safe and controlled adoptive cell therapies. 

Short Research Description: 
gene repair applications in inherited immune deficiencies
Areas of Interest: 
Cancer Biology
Microbiology, Infection & Immunity
<p> Immunology, gene editing, nucleases, adoptive T-cell immunotherapy, hematopoietic stem cells,</p>

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