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Kincaid 262

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(206) 221-5007
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(206) 616-1525

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Our research program uses the zebrafish and related species to answer a variety of biological questions having both basic and translational relevance. Current efforts are focusing on: the establishment, maintenance, and recruitment of post-embryonic stem cells in the context of normal development, evolutionary diversification, and melanoma; the genes and cell behaviors underlying adult pigment pattern formation and how these mechanisms have evolved between closely related species to generate strikingly different pigment patterns; and the molecular mechanisms of the larval-to-adult transformation, or metamorphosis, which generates the adult form.

   We have additionally studied: the behavioral significance of pigment pattern variation; molecular and endocrine factors in skeletogenesis and kidney function; and zebrafish natural history in India. We also recently published the normal table of post-embryonic developmental stages for zebrafish, covering a period of profound developmental importance that remains woefully under-studied

   We use a variety of approaches including: transgenesis in zebrafish and related species; forward genetic screening and molecular cloning of identified mutants; time-lapse imaging of morphogenesis and differentiation; cell lineage analyses by genetic and other approaches; next generation sequencing for comparative analyses of species genomes; and analyses of gene expression by in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry and qPCR. We have further developed or modified a wide variety of approaches to facilitate studies of post-embryonic development.

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post-embryonic stem cells, morphogenesis and evolution
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Cell Signaling & Cell/Environment Interactions
Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging
Genetics, Genomics & Evolution
<p> Biological Sciences, Bone, Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Genetics, Musculoskeletal System, Physical Growth, Retardation, Stem Cells, Vertebrate Physiology, Vertebrate Zoology, Bone Development, Growth and Regeneration, Metamorphosis, Pigment Cell, Skeleton, Vertebrate, Zebrafish.</p>

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