Borenstein, Elhanan

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Associate Professor
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Genome Sciences
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Box 355065

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Foege S-103B

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(206) 685-8165

Research Summary: 

The Borenstein lab is broadly interested in the integration of systems biology approaches, in-silico modeling, and computational metagenomics to address fundamental questions in microbial ecology and in human microbiome research. Our long term goal is to gain a systems-level principled understanding and to develop predictive models of complex microbial ecosystems, specifically those that inhabit the human body. We develop novel computational methods for studying these complex biological systems and for analyzing related high-throughput data. We aim to harness such methods not only for basic research of these complex systems but also for introducing translational applications in microbiome-based therapy with direct impact on human health. Specific research topics include:

  1. Computational modeling and systems biology of the human microbiome.
  2. Species interaction, community structure, and assembly rules of microbial communities.
  3. Computational metagenomics and methods development.
  4. Large scale computational study of biological networks and their evolution.
Short Research Description: 
computational systems biology; microbiome ;metagenomics
Areas of Interest: 
Genetics, Genomics & Evolution
Microbiology, Infection & Immunity
Molecular Structure & Computational Biology
<p> computational biology; metagenomics and microbial communities; the human microbiome;&nbsp;evolutionary systems biology; complex biological networks;&nbsp;</p>

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