Fields, Stanley

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Genome Sciences
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Foege S313B

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(206) 616-4522

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The Fields laboratory is interested in developing technologies, especially those to analyze protein function. In the last decade, genome sequences have led to the prediction of large complements of proteins, ranging from a few thousand in bacterial species to more than 20,000 for humans and other mammalian species. However, the determination of protein function remains a difficult task. For many of our technology efforts, we use the unicellular eukaryote Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) as the host organism for carrying out protein assays, given its small gene complement, tractable genetics and available reagent sets. Much of our research recently has focused on coupling protein-based assays to high throughput DNA sequencing in efforts to reveal fundamental in vivo or in vitro properties of proteins; some of this research is targeted at deciphering the consequences of human genetic variation. We have also been carrying out genome engineering efforts in yeast with the goal of optimizing pathways that lead to increased production of a desired compound or protein. 

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Technology development, genomics and proteomics
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Genetics, Genomics & Evolution
<p> gene expression, genomics, proteomics, genetic variation, protein technology, chromosome structure, ubiquitin, transcription</p>

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