Campbell, Daniel

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Benaroya Research Institute, 1201 Ninth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98103

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(206) 287-1055

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The cells and tissues of the immune system are precisely organized to ensure the proper development, activation, function and regulation of diverse lymphocyte populations. Tissue and microenvironment selective lymphocyte homing is the basis for this organization, which in turn is mediated by lymphocyte expression of specific combinations of surface adhesion and chemoattractant receptors. Expression of these homing receptors therefore defines functionally specialized lymphocyte populations with unique tissue-tropisms.

We are interested in further exploring the relationship between lymphocyte function, homeostasis and localization. Using mouse models of autoimmunity, our goals are to track the differentiation and localization of various homing receptor-defined populations of CD4+ T cells, and to determine how each of these contributes to the function and regulation of immune responses in specific tissues. In addition, we seek to understand the signaling events and transcriptional networks that direct T cell expression of different homing receptor combinations, and therefore control ‘organ-specific' immunity and autoimmunity. Our work promises to yield new insights into lymphocyte differentiation and function, and holds great potential for the therapeutic manipulation of lymphocyte responses in the context of chronic infection, autoimmunity and transplantation.

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lymphocyte function, homeostasis and localization
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Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology
Microbiology, Infection & Immunity
<p> immunology, cell motility</p>

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