Neumaier, John

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Harborview Medical Center
Box 359911
325 - 9th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104 USA

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(206) 897-5803

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My laboratory is studying stress and addiction in rat brain in animal models of psychiatric illnesses. We use techniques that span molecular to behavioral levels of analysis. We use both in vitro models and rodent in vivo models to gain insights into the molecular events that are involved in complex behaviors. Our current projects include:

  1. The role of serotonin in reward learning, habit, and addiction.We use a variety of molecular and behavioral strategies including viral vectors to express transgenes in specific pathways, operant conditioning, cocaine self-administration, gene expression analysis. Our focus is understanding the role of specific serotonin receptors (particularly 5-HT1B and 5-HT6) in discrete neural circuits and specific stages in the progression from reward learning to habit to addiction.
  2. The role of 5-HT1B autoreceptors in stress.We are developing a conditional transgenic mouse model, exploring protein interactors with
    5-HT1B autoreceptors, and using molecular and behavioral assays to evaluate the role of these receptors in adaptations to stress exposure.
  3. The role of primary neuronal cilia in striatal neuron function.We are exploring how receptors such as 5-HT6 serotonin receptors alter neuronal plasticity given their exclusive localization in primary neuronal cilia, which respond to extrasynaptic serotonin and other signaling events.
  4. DREADD receptors and innovative viral vector strategies.We are using Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs to tease apart the role of altered second messenger signaling in several brain regions and in primary neuronal culture. We are also continually developing new viral vector strategies to achieve greater precision using strategies such as FLEX/DIO AAV vectors combined with CAV-2 Cre to express transgenes in specific neural projections.


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Serotonin Receptors, Stress and Addiction
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<p> Animal Models, Behavioral Biology, Cell Culture, Depression, Gene Transfer, Transgenic, Histochemistry,Viral Vectors, Nervous System, Neurobiology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Neuroscience, Cocaine, Self-Administtration, Addiction, Schizophrenia</p>

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