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Meet the editors of the MCB Transcript!

Michele LeRoux

Michele LeRoux is a member of the Mougous laboratory in the Microbiology department. She studies a particular molecular apparatus used to inject toxic proteins directly into other cells that is used by bacteria to target and outcompete other bacteria. She is particularly interested in how these interbacterial interactions impact the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients.

When she’s not in the lab, Michele loves cooking, running, hiking, doing yoga, and watching the latest episode of Mad Men.

Michelle Oeser

Michelle is a member of Rich Gardner’s lab in the Pharmacology Department. She studies a few of the many ways proteins can be modified after they are made, and how the cell interprets these modifications as signals for specific processes. She also is interested in finding better ways to communicate the innovation and discovery that goes on in research labs with general audiences.

Outside the lab, Michelle enjoys biking, running and exploring the Pacific Northwest. She loves cooking almost as much as eating, and brewing beers almost as much as drinking them. One day she will own a dog, but for now she dotes on the worms in her compost bin.

Ilana Cohen

Ilana is a member of Nina Salama’s lab in the FHCRC Division of Human Biology.  She studies how Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that causes ulcers, interacts with its host.  She is interested in identifying the adaptations that allow the bacteria to establish a lifelong infection in the stomach and avoid being killed by the immune system.

When she’s not in the lab, Ilana loves cooking, reading, reading about cooking, hiking, backpacking, snow, and her two cats.

Lauren Higdon

Lauren is a member of Pam Fink’s lab in the Immunology Department. She studies helper T cells (cells that assist in the B cell antibody response to infections) that change their specificity in response to antigens.  She is specifically interested in studying whether these changes in specificity improve the ability of these T cells to help B cells.

Outside of the lab, she enjoys reading, baking (and eating), playing the piano, and wandering around Seattle.

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