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Apr 2011 | admin 2,313 Comments

The Hubble telescope celebrated its 21st anniversary on Easter Sunday with an image of a galactic rose.

Part of compromise to pass US budget results in reduction in science funding, read more in the most comprehensive description in Nature. Exactly how these budgetary changes will work their way down remains to be seen.

It turns out that solar power may not be the environmental answer we had hoped for, as detailed in this recent article in Miller and McCune.

Apparently whales have songs that are picked up by pods in other places, effectively spreading throughout the world like hit pop songs, recently published in Current Biology.

Metagenomic studies of the gut microbiome reveal three classes of bacteria found in all humans.

The Japanese nuclear disaster in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami have left many people unwilling to consider nuclear power as a safe and viable option for the United States. The future of nuclear power in the United States was examined in depth on a recent NPR radio broadcast.

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