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Choosing a third rotation

Jan 2012 | Lauren No Comment

That time is coming up for first years…  when you have to choose your third and (hopefully) final rotation.  To aid in this process, the MCB Transcript editors are providing you with advice from more senior MCB students.  This advice was compiled for the spring quarter last year to help first years choose a permanent lab, but much of the same advice applies to choosing the third rotation.

Here is the link to the original article on choosing a permanent lab.

And some advice more specific to the third rotation:

1) Think about choosing a rotation that complements what you have already done.  For example, if you have only done rotations in one field, or only at, say, the Hutch, then now would be a good time to branch out. Or if you’ve only rotated with PIs of a certain mentoring style, it could be interesting to try another one.

2) This time around, you do need to be careful to pick a lab that you would be able to join.  This means to make sure the PI can take a student, and to make sure that based on what you know of the lab environment, you might like joining that lab.  From your first two rotations you will have A LOT of information about the sort of lab you would best fit in, so put that knowledge to use when you pick this rotation.

3) Go ahead and take your time picking your third rotation – I decided on mine during week 10 of winter quarter.  That being said, start talking to potential rotation mentors early (around week 5 of winter quarter), or even earlier if you have reason to believe that PI will be particularly popular.

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