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WorkFlowy: a free tool to organize lists and life!

Oct 2012 | Michele LeRoux No Comment

I recently discovered a phenomenal new list-making program. Like many other people I know, I’ve dabbled with various systems, ranging from the Sticky application on my MacBook, Task panel in Gmail, Word documents, bits of scrap paper lying on my desk, even notebooks devoted to notes and lists. Often I use several of these at once, resulting in, well, chaos.

Enter WorkFlowy, (their tagline, “Organize your brain”) a wonderfully free-form browser-based note-taking, journaling, or list-making program. Or all three, all-in-one which somehow remains organized and functional! It has a few simple features that make it it extremely versatile. It has a very sparse, clean look that makes it feel very uncluttered. While it is essentially a single document, you can “zoom in” on certain parts of for full concentration or focus (or for example, zoom in on the Work section while at work, so any Personal to do lists or info aren’t up on your monitor), and you can toggle between showing and hiding completed tasks. You can tag items and then create filters, or just search by text. They have recently added a sharing feature, allowing you send specified sections with other people. Also, since its browser-based, its available anywhere you have internet, with a slightly different look on a smartphone.

My day now starts and ends with 5-10 minutes of Workflowy. I put experimental to-do lists in there, notes from meetings, reminders, grocery lists, long-term project ideas, you name it. Everything is now automatically archived and all together. For more info, check out their blog where they describe newly added features, or ways to use existing features.

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