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Aug 2010 | Michele LeRoux 2,058 Comments

“Why did you decide to write a story about venus fly traps?” I asked a sixteen year old high school student at the BioExpo. “Because they’re sexy!” he said, flicking a yo-yo up and down. Judging for the BioExpo is a unique experience that allows scientists from all areas to interact with high school students to advise and encourage in their scientific endeavors.

Every year hundreds of high school students from all over Seattle spend months working on a biology project in one of many categories: dance, creative writing, or molecular modeling, just to name a few. The idea is to engage students who may not normally be interested in science and even if they are never destined for a career in biology, at least give them a sense of the importance of science in their lives. This yearly event, run by the North West Association for Biomedical Research, (NWABR), draws on the time of scientist volunteers from all over the city (ranging from researchers in biotech, graduate students, postdocs, even faculty members) to mentor students throughout the year as well as to judge the projects.

For more information or to get involved in the 2011 BioExpo visit the NWABR website.

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