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Ilana Cohen on Jeopardy

Sep 2010 | Michele LeRoux No Comment

On June 10, 2010, MCB’s own Ilana Cohen, a third year student in the Salama laboratory, appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy. Facing stiff competition in the first round, in which the leader jumped ahead by over $4000 due to his knowledge of 1970s sitcoms, Ilana came back in the double Jeopardy section of the show and answered the final Jeopardy question correctly, finishing only $200 behind the winner. Overall, Ilana had a very impressive showing, finishing with $18,601 and taking home a well-deserved $2000 reward.

Ilana’s greatest triumph as a Seattlite was undoubtedly the Starbucks question (At the end of fiscal 2007, J-CX decided not to brew up a competition with this beverage co. which then had 15,756 stores).

Throughout the show, Ilana showcased her diverse array of general knowledge. Do you think you could have answered the questions below? Ilana did!

Barbara Boxer is a U.S. senator from California; the Boxster is a sporty model from this car maker? What is a Porsche?

Born in Hollywood, she turned up on “Weeds” in 2009 as Nancy’s estranged sister Jill

Who is Jennifer Jason Leigh?

In 1911 in what’s now this country, more than 45 inches of rain fell on the city of Baguio on Luzon in a single day.

What is the Philippines?

Medea was an enchantress who helped Jason; this is a strong wine, similar to Sherry, named for Portuguese islands.

What is Madeira?

For a complete write up of the show, visit the Jeopardy archive.

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