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Quarterly Science new roundup: the weird, interesting, and fun

Dec 2010 | MCBT Editors 1,857 Comments

DNA cataloging of all life on earth All species to be catalogued using a genetic barcode.

The cause of bee colony collapse syndrome? Combination of fungus and virus responsible for killing all of our honey bees.

CREEPY!! Novartis to release chip-in-a-pill.

Weird crazy ants Slave-maker ants choose to raid stronger colonies.

Ignoble prize winners We all know who this year’s Nobel prize winners were… but in case you missed the (frequently far more entertaining) IGNobel prize winners, take a look.

Nikon Small Worlds winners announced Beautiful photographs taken in the lab.

Avoid the career virus This article really speaks to some of the pressures faced by grad students, and how to function most effectively in this high-pressure environment. A must-read!

The fallout from a public that doesn’t support science If you needed more motivation to do some science outreach to convince people that what we do is important, read this.

Top ten bacteria, “working in the shadows” In case anyone had any doubt, bacteria are awesome.

Keep up on the top ten innovations of 2010 Yearly awards for the ten most influential new technologies.

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