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Seattle Expanding Your Horizons

Dec 2010 | Lauren 1,847 Comments

When you teach science to twelve year old girls, you never know what might happen.  They might get really excited about the pipettes, or ask an insightful question.  Or there might be a girl who was asks, “Do you know what yeast is?”, and then one of them might shriek “IT EATS SUGAR!  AND MAKES BREAD!!!”  This is a real-life example of an outreach opportunity in Seattle. Not only was this girl extremely excited and absolutely right about yeast, she was also a participant in Seattle Expanding Your Horizons (SEYH), a science program for middle school girls.

SEYH is a program in which female scientists and engineers present hour-long workshops on one Saturday in March.  The goal of the program is to show participating girls the variety of career opportunities in science and technology and help them become excited about science. One of the workshops last year focused on how iPods worked.  One involved care of rats. One (presented by MCB student Michelle Oeser) taught students about proteins using simple assays.  There are a variety of ways to become involved in SEYH, including the planning committee, presenting a workshop, and volunteering to assist with the workshops on the SEYH day.  One thing is for sure – you never know what will catch the girls’ interest, but it sure is fun finding out!

To learn more, go to the SEYH website.

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