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[5 Nov 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Life Sciences salary survey from the Scientist

For the past ten years, The Scientist magazine has been doing a yearly salary survey of people working in the life sciences in a variety of capacities. A summary of their data was published in their last issue.

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[18 Jun 2012 | 714 Comments | ]
MCB’s Linda Geng honored at the 2012 Weintraub Awards Symposium

Last month, recent MCB grad Linda Geng was honored as one of thirteen students nationwide to receive a Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award, which is given to senior PhD students or recent grads for innovative research in biological science.

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[11 Jan 2012 | 2,720 Comments | ]
What are MCB alums doing now?

This information is compiled by the MCB office, and represents the current occupations of the >90% of MCB alums that are using their degrees towards a science-related field.

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[11 Jan 2012 | 2,238 Comments | ]
Phase I of a new, improved MCB program

MCB will become slightly more structured and organized, while keeping its flexible, “it is what you make of it” character that many of us love.

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[11 Jan 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Choosing a third rotation

That time is coming up for first years…  when you have to choose your third and (hopefully) final rotation.  To aid in this process, the MCB Transcript editors are providing you with advice from more senior MCB students.  This advice was compiled for the spring quarter last year to help first years choose a permanent lab, but much of the same advice applies to choosing the third rotation.
Here is the link to the original article on choosing a permanent lab.
And some advice more specific to the third rotation:
1) Think about …