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[26 Aug 2010 | 2,387 Comments | ]
PhD Comics

“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham

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[26 Aug 2010 | 2,267 Comments | ]
Science Sing-a-long

Everyone’s favorite PCR songs.

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[26 Aug 2010 | 1,266 Comments | ]
Hot off the template, it’s the <i>MCB Transcript!</i>

After the first year in the MCB program, it’s easy to lose touch. With your classmates. With sanity. You find yourself humming the Bio-Rad PCR song in your sleep. You realize that your favorite model organism has become your very best friend. You yearn for the bygone Wednesday afternoons of stimulating conversation and fiery debates in lit review. You wonder whatever happened to that beer-pong star you met at the recruitment party so many years ago. It makes you sad. You cry into your agarose.

Is there hope yet for you?

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[25 Aug 2010 | 1,552 Comments | ]
Ask a 10th Year Grad Student!

Dear 10th Year Grad Student:
I really want to rotate in Dr. Feelgood’s lab, and at the retreat I saw 5 other people talking to him, what should I do?
If it’s convenient, find a few minutes to chat with Dr. Feelgood, and ask to meet once you’re back from the retreat. Use the one-on-one meeting to ask more about his research, the lab, and whether he’s taking rotation students. Even though everyone was talking him up at the retreat, you may be one of the first to actually ask to rotate. …

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2010 Photo Contest

The 2010 MCB photo contest called for “artistic scientific images and photos that represent MCB” in ten categories from science to scenery, and the winners were announced at the spring poster session. Check out this beautiful photography from your classmates!