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Ask a professor!

Science is tough. It should be. Nature sometimes doesn’t give up the answers without a fight. And if you work on something that doesn’t challenge you, that doesn’t REALLY make you think of a way around a difficult problem, you should find an area that does.

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15 Tips for the General Exam

Although I avoided nightmares prior to the exam, I did have a few daytime premonitions of babbling like an idiot in front of my committee, leading the chair to check the “you suck and need to leave the program immediately” box on the exam warrant.

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Advice on choosing a permanent lab

You’ve come to the end of your first year, and have experienced rotations, grad school classes, as well as making new friends and getting settled into Seattle. At this point, you probably feel much more comfortable as a grad student than you did a few short months ago, but there is one hurdle left before you can fully settle in… Choosing a permanent lab.