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[11 Jan 2012 | 1,485 Comments | ]
The Enchantments:  How I Completely Forgot That I Was in Grad School

By columnist Nate Peters
Awakening to the soft glow of the rising sun through the thin fabric walls of my tent, I take a deep breath of cold air and reluctantly wriggle out of my very warm, lofty down sleeping bag.  I am anxious to get my body moving so I throw on some clothes, lace up my boots, and unzip the door of my tent to get my first view of the outside world.  Thick mist hangs over the dark, still surface of the lake by which I made my …

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[11 Jan 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Choosing a third rotation

That time is coming up for first years…  when you have to choose your third and (hopefully) final rotation.  To aid in this process, the MCB Transcript editors are providing you with advice from more senior MCB students.  This advice was compiled for the spring quarter last year to help first years choose a permanent lab, but much of the same advice applies to choosing the third rotation.
Here is the link to the original article on choosing a permanent lab.
And some advice more specific to the third rotation:
1) Think about …

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[11 Jan 2012 | 2,436 Comments | ]
New faculty interview – Michael Ailion

Many graduate students experience feelings of uncertainty about their futures, but few will answer questions about what they will do next with “I don’t know, maybe I’ll buy a one-way ticket to South America and see what happens.” Even fewer would actually identify the southernmost city in South America with an airport (Punta Arenas, Chile), buy that one-way ticket, and fly there. But that is exactly what Michael Ailion did. As an undergrad, he had studied both biology and creative writing, and he joined the MCB program because he thought …

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[11 Jan 2012 | 4,675 Comments | ]
Interview with Patrick Murphy

By Jennifer Lachowiec
Seattle University is a Jesuit university with almost 8,000 grads and undergrads. Patrick Murphy, PhD is an Assistant Professor there, with a passion for teaching and undergraduate research. We discussed his career path that has culminated in teaching pharmacology to nursing students. He also shares some of his advice in landing a teaching job at a liberal arts institution.
JL: How did you get into research?
PM: I went to a liberal arts college in Ohio [Wittenberg], with corn fields surrounding it. We had a small, but very good biology …