The MPH Application


Prospective students:

Department of Epidemiology: December 1
Department of Health Services: January 1

Currently enrolled first-year MPH students:

Autumn quarter application: December 1
Winter quarter application: March 1

The MCH Program is designed primarily for individuals with clinical or public health experience who seek graduate level training to develop expertise in the design, conduct, and analysis of MCH research; and to assume increased responsibility for assessment, evaluation, program management, and policy formulation focused on underserved maternal and child populations in the United States. Applicants come from a variety of disciplines related to maternal and child health, including public health, pediatrics, obstetrics, family medicine, dentistry, psychology, behavioral sciences, nursing, nutrition, and social work.

Application Instructions
Interview with MCH Faculty Member
Financial Aid

Applicants to the MCH Program must apply to either the Department of Epidemiology or the Department of Health Services, both in the School of Public Health. Applications are reviewed in January for admission to the program the following autumn quarter.

The MCH program also accepts applications autumn and winter quarters from first-year students currently enrolled in the MPH programs in the departments of epidemiology and health services who have identified MCH as an interest.

Application Instructions

Prospective students:

To apply to the MCH Program, please follow the instructions listed at the Department of Epidemiology or the Department of Health Services, and choose maternal and child health.

Please note that in addition to the materials required by the department, the MCH Program requires a supplemental statement of purpose. This 1-page document should answer the following questions:

  • Why have you chosen to work in and study maternal and child health? What issues, individuals, or communities in the US interest you?
  • Describe your experience with programs, policies, or research affecting women, children, youth, or families. Be specific.
  • What leadership roles have you assumed in your educational or job setting(s)? Give examples of how your professionalism and skills in communicating, critical thinking, and decision-making helped you to improve the health of women, children, youth, or families.
  • How do you envision your professional role in US maternal and child public health five years after graduating? How will a MPH degree help you achieve this professional goal?

If you have any questions about the application process, contact either Kitty Andert (Department of Health Services) or Kate O'Brien (Department of Epidemiology).

Currently enrolled students:

To apply to the MCH Program, contact either Kitty Andert (Department of Health Services) or Kate O'Brien (Department of Epidemiology). You will need to provide a supplemental statement of purpose (see above directions) and meet with Melissa Schiff to review MCH program requirements, curriculum, and financial aid.

Interview with MCH faculty member

An in-person or telephone interview with one MCH Program faculty member is highly recommended. If you are interested in MCH epidemiology, contact Melissa Schiff. If you are interested in MCH health services, contact Rosa Solorio. Interviews must be completed by mid-December for students entering the following summer or autumn quarters and by the application deadlines listed above for currently enrolled students.

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