Graduate Certificate Program in Maternal and Child Health

This graduate certificate program offers a integrated course of study for students interested in maternal and child public health (MCH) content and tools. Students currently enrolled in any graduate program at the University of Washington may apply. The certificate program is not available to epidemiology and health services students enrolled in the MCH track.

Students may apply to the certificate program any time during the year by submitting the following items:

  1. Application form (PDF)
  2. Goal statement (1 page maximum)
  3. Current resume (5 pages maximum)
  4. UW transcript

Certificate Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 15 student credit hours, including 3 MCH courses, at least 5 credits in elective courses, and 1 credit for a capstone project. See the Checklist of Requirements (PDF) for a list of required and elective courses.

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for all courses counting toward the certificate, and a grade of 2.7 or above is required of any individual course.

Capstone Project:

In the spring quarter capstone project, students analyze an actual or hypothetical MCH problem or goal, and present their results at a poster session at the June MCH Research Festival.

Students develop their projects over the first year of course work as they learn about:

  • the legislative, historical, and current bases of health and social service systems that support optimal development of women, infants, children, and youth (fall quarter)
  • the major maternal and child health problems, including poor pregnancy outcomes, abnormal child growth and development, poor nutrition, injury, and intimate partner violence (winter quarter)
  • research methods, such as descriptive or analytic epidemiology, health services research, or program planning and evaluation (spring quarter).

The project provides students the opportunity to integrate and apply what they've learned during their first year of course work. Topics and research methods are as varied as students' interests.

For examples of capstone posters, go to 2014 MCH Research Festival.

When you have completed all course requirements and the capstone, submit the Checklist of Requirements to the MCH Program Administrator.

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