School of Public Health

Graduate Certificate in MCH

The MCH Certificate program operates on rolling admission.

The MCH Graduate Certificate is a minimum 15-credit program:

  • 4 credits from MCH courses
  • 4 credits from Epidemiology courses (for non-School of Public Health students)
  • 3-7 credits of electives
  • 1 credit of capstone

Graduate Certificate in Maternal and Child Health

The MCH Certificate program offers an integrated course of study for students interested in maternal and child health (MCH) content and tools.

Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in any graduate program at the University of Washington, including non-School of Public Health graduate programs and Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) students.


The MCH curriculum includes health systems and policy, the life-course perspective, social determinants of health, and an understanding of the epidemiology of maternal and child health problems such as infant, child, and maternal morbidity and mortality, abnormal child growth and development, and early-life factors in adult health. GNM students and those from outside the School of Public Health also attend an introductory epidemiology course that focuses on research designs and methods to describe distribution and determinants of disease and health events in populations. 

Requirements: A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for all courses counting toward the certificate, and a grade of 2.7 or above is required of any individual course.

Capstone Project

Students integrate and apply coursework through a fieldwork project. This is an in-depth analysis or evaluation of an MCH preventive intervention program, a community-based service agency, or an existing MCH data source. They present the results in an end-of-year poster presentation.

Questions? Contact Daniel Enquobahrie at

Application Instructions

Students may apply to the certificate program any time during the year by submitting the following items to Daniel Enquobahrie, MD, PhD, MPH, at

  1. Application form
  2. Goal statement (see application form for details)
  3. UW transcript