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Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health is written primarily for maternal and child public health professionals in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington but is accessible to all. We publish new content every 8 weeks to keep readers informed on MCH topics through interviews with leading experts, behind-the-scenes looks at policy changes, perspectives from community members, highlights on innovative methods, and a current list of helpful resources.

Highlights from our current "Breastfeeding" volume include:

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The UW Maternal & Child Health Webinar Series provides up-to-date information on topics related to Title V MCH national performance measures. There are 18 performance measures that describe a specific health need that, when successfully addressed, can lead to better outcomes.

Our most recent episode was Breastfeeding as Food Sovereignty featuring lactation consultant Camie Goldhammer. She discussed how Native American communities are reclaiming breastfeeding as an indigenous food source and reviewed how public health professionals from across many disciplines and departments can support breastfeeding through their work today.

You can watch archived episodes of MCH webinars for free at the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice.


MCH Core Faculty provide assistance to Title V partners, community, women's and children's health advocates in Region 10 and other Northwestern states: