School of Public Health

Past Theses

You can find theses from past students in the UW Health Sciences Library. To access them online go to UW Research Works and enter author name or thesis title into the search engine.

"Implementation of a Shared Decision Aid for Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section" (2018)
E. LePoire | Health Services

"The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on the Crowdfunding Behavior of Transgender Adolescents" (2018)
C. Kimsey | Health Services

"The Association Between Maternal Work Precarity and Infant Low Birth Weight in a Nationally Representative Cohort of Women in the U.S. " (2018)
D. Patil | Epidemiology

"Racial/Ethnic Differences in Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Use Following the Affordable Care Act’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate" (2018)
A. Bosold | Health Services

"Oral Disease in Immigrant Children Attending a University Dental Clinic" (2018)
K. Goldberg | Health Services

"Perceived Stigma and Social Relationships: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescent and Parent Perspectives" (2018)
T. Sarkhosh | Health Services

"The Association Between Sexual Subjectivity and Sexual Health Outcomes Both Negative and Positive in a Sample of Women" (2018)
J. Bond | Epidemiology

"Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Epilepsy " (2018)
A. Akhunova | Epidemiology

"Stressful Life Events in Pregnancy and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms among Women in Washington State" (2017)
N. Kannan| Epidemiology

"Factors Affecting DHH-Specific Quality of Life in Deaf/HH Adolescents Attending Mainstream Schools" (2017)
M. Stepanchak | Health Services

"The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and the Initiation of Breastfeeding in Washington State " (2017)
R. Hays | Health Services

"Multiple sclerosis, the decision to become pregnant, and factors associated with perinatal relapse" (2017)
N. Afonso | Health Services

"Evaluation of the Influence of Interdepartmental Training on Early Pregnancy Loss Management Practice Change" (2017)
R. Supplee | Health Services

"Parent/Caregiver Involvement in Activities with Children and Child Language, School Readiness, and Social-Emotional Outcomes in a High Quality Early Learning Program" (2017)
V. Tran | Health Services

"Patterns of HPV Vaccination and Association with HPV-16 and HPV-18 Detection in At-Home Self-Collected Samples Among Females Aged 21-29" (2017)
M. Feder | Epidemiology

"Delivering perinatal depression care in a rural obstetric setting: a mixed methods analysis of feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness" (2017)
A. Bhat | Health Services

"A Comparison of Patient and Dental Condition Characteristics Presenting to a Pediatric Hospital Emergency Department Versus Urgent Care with Non-Emergency Dental Complaints " (2017)
S. Chadwick | Health Services

"Birth-to-Pregnancy Intervals and Adverse Perinatal Outcomes Among African-born Black Women in Washington State" (2016)
Y. Zhang | Epidemiology

"Identifying Areas of Needed Support for Young Girls with Central Precocious Puberty" (2016)
P. Patel | Health Services

"Racial Disparities in the Utilization of Preventive Health Services Among Older Women with Early Stage Endometrial Cancer Enrolled in Medicare" (2016)
J. Martin | Epidemiology

"Pregnancy Intention and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms: An Analysis of PRAMS Data" (2016)
J. Mueller | Epidemiology

"Obesity/Overweight and Quality of Life: A Comparison of Mexican and Mexican-American Adolescents" (2016)
O. Vargas | Health Services

"The Effect of Arrest on Intimate Partner Violence Recidivism" (2016)
V. Lyons | Epidemiology

"Adolescents' attitudes about long-acting reversible contraception: Exploring a youth-centered counseling approach" (2015)
A. Hoopes

"Promoting breastfeeding-friendly hospital practices: A Washington State Learning Collaborative case study" (2015)
E. Freney

"Development of a functional assessment instrument for youths with unilateral hearing impairment" (2015)
P. Purcell

"Dental utilization for Medicaid-enrolled children with cystic fibrosis" (2015)
E. Sarvas

"Association of endometrial hyperplasia or cancer with a history of gestational diabetes: Results from a population-based study in Washington State, 1987-2013" (2015)
P. Wartko

"Comparison of hospital length of stay and readmissions by surgical approach in the treatment of endometrial cancer in Washington State, 2008-2011: Robotic-assisted surgery compared with laparoscopy and laparotomy" (2015)
T. Beck

"Parental Opinions of Anti-Tobacco Messages within a Pediatric Dental Clinic" (2014)
K. Sims

"HIV Testing Among Young Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men: The Role of HIV-Related Stigma and Internalized Homosexual Stigma" (2014)
L. Stassek

"Parents' Use of Benzocaine for Oral Pain in Young Children" (2014)
J. Stieber

"The Effects of Perceived Body Weight on Dieting Behaviors and Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese American Indian and Alaska Native Adolescents " (2014)
T. Abrahamson-Richards

"Topographical Differences of Infant Mortality in Nepal: Demographic and Health Survey 2011" (2014)
R. Dev

"Asthma Control and Medication Use Behaviors among Children with Written Asthma Action Plans" (2014)
M. Inouye

"Primary Caregiver Perceptions of Preschool Activities: Understanding the Value of Outdoor Play" (2014)
A. Jayasuriya

"A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Teen Dating Violence Prevention for Latinas" (2014)
A. Raybin

"Hookah's new popularity among United States college students: A pilot study of the characteristics of hookah smokers and their Facebook displays" (2013)
L. Brockman

"Factors associated with contraceptive nonuse among obese women" (2013)
L. Callegari

"Facilitators and barriers to twice-daily tooth brushing among children with special health care needs" (2013)
M. Campanaro

"Food security among families with children with special health care needs" (2013)
T. Corbridge

"Traffic-related air pollution exposure and adult asthma in the Sister Study" (2013)
M. Young

"Prenatal provider counseling and excessive gestational weight gain: An analysis of Data from Washington State PRAMS" (2013)
S. Zelek

"Assessing the relationship between caregivers' pediatric oral health literacy and children's caries status" (2013)
D. Avenetti

"Spousal Military Deployment during Pregnancy and Adverse Birth Outcomes" (2012)
A. Spieker

"The Effect of Community-Based Externships on Host Sites: A Survey of Staff Dentists at Washington State Community Clinics " (2012)
J. Cannava

"Risk of Infant Mortality among Preterm Infants at Differing Gestational Ages" (2012)
J. Dettinger

"Prevalence and Disparities of Vitamin D Supplementation Among Women of Childbearing Age " (2012)
D. Gardner

"Practitioners' Perspectives on Capacity Building in Health Program Partnerships: A Case Study" (2012)
S. Harris

"Promoting Developmental Screening in Yakima County, Washington: A Case Study of Cross-Sector Collaboration" (2012)
S. Orrico

"Associations between Exposure to the Community Life Course Development Model and Childhood Abuse " (2012)
M. Robertson

"Perinatal Characteristics, Maternal Reproductive History, and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A Case-control Study" (2012)
S. Bell

"Health Related Quality of Life in Children with Intestinal Failure" (2012)
S. Sanchez

"Exploring Digital Storytelling Applications in the Community: Implementation and Impact of Four Community Forums in King County, Washington" (2012)
S. Benson

"Understanding adolescent sexual activity: An exploration of family communication and condom use among sexually active adolescents" (2011)
C. Pettler

"Parents' interpretation of instructions to control fluoride toothpaste application" (2011)
A. Thomas

"Postterm pregnancies: A population-based study of markers of potential long-term neurodevelopmental morbidity and other adverse infant outcomes in Washington State" (2011)
J. Yoshino

"The epidemiology of comorbid depressive and conduct disorders in early adolescence" (2011)
S. Charlesworth-Attie

"Identifying factors associated with regional variations in utilization of mental health care among Medicaid-eligible children in Washington State" (2011)
W. Ellis

"Religiosity and sexual risk among African American and Caucasian youth" (2011)
Y. Evans

"Effects of timing and duration of prenatal enrollment in Washington Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) on adverse pregnancy outcomes" (2011)
A. Harris

"Food insecurity, food assistance, and weight status in US youth: New evidence from NHANES 2007-08" (2011)
M. Kohn

"Infant birth weight relative to gestational weight gain in adolescent pregnancy: A study among sisters" (2010)
J. Johnson

"A randomized controlled trial of SMS text messages as appointment reminders in the pediatric dental setting" (2010)
T. Nelson

"Who gets left behind: Adolescent well-being in Washington State military families" (2010)
S. Reed

"Suicide risk behaviors in adolescents with disabilities: Examining the role of depressive symptoms" (2010)
B. Strelitz

"The effect of young maternal age on low birth weight: A comparison of adolescent primiparas and their adult sisters" (2010)
A. Tang

"Beyond Reading Recognition: Understanding Pediatric Oral Health Literacy" (2009)
J. Richman

"Adverse Birth Outcomes among Foreign-born vs US-born Korean Women Compared to Non-Hispanic White Women" (2009)
J. Yi

"The Experiences and Feelings of Public Health Nurses Surrounding Pediatric Injury Prevention" (2009)
A. Klune

"Baseline Spirometry Quality in the Primary Care Setting" (2009)
B. Latzke

"Association of Body Mass Index and Prescription Drug Use in Children from the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey, 2003-2006" (2009)
Y. Lin

"Isradipine Effectively Lowers Blood Pressure in Hospitalized Children with Acute Hypertension" (2009)
Y. Miyashita

"Examination of the Beliefs and Attitudes of Pregnant Hispanic Nulliparous Women Regarding the Use of Epidural Anesthesia" (2008)
C. Berglund

"Providers' Expressed Need to Care for Somali Families: A Case Study of Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle" (2008)
R. Osborn

"Our Community in Focus: The Use of Photovoice for Youth-Driven Substance Abuse Assessment and Health Promotion " (2008)
T. Brazg

"Establishing a Dental Home: What Determines Age at a Child's First Dental Visit? " (2008)
T. Hull

"Service Intensity Changes in the King County, Washington Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program: 2005-2007" (2008)
R. Koreny

"Variations in Year of Maternal Age and Maternal Birthweight among Women Who Deliver Infants with Gastroschisis in Washington State, 1987-2006" (2008)
S. Wilson

"Prevalence and Predictors of Prepregnancy Physical Activity: Results from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System " (2007)
S. Donahue

"Is There an Association Between Disordered Eating Behaviors and Suicide Ideation Among Adolescent Girls Sampled in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Wave II?" (2007)
M. Ellis

"Voluntary Mental Health Treatment Laws for Minors and Length of Inpatient Stay" (2007)
T. Lallemont

"Prenatal Dental Care and Subsequent Preventive Oral Health Care in Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Children" (2007)
K. Linsenmayer

"A formative health literacy evaluation of PlayBright education materials for parents" (2007)
A. McGee

"Is There an Association Between Waist Circumference and Type II Diabetes or Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Adolescents?" (2007)
M. Moore

"What Factors Contribute and Detract from PHN's Delivering Pediatric Environmental Risk Reduction Education in the Home Setting? A Process Evaluation of ERRNIE" (2007)
E. Tinker

"Barriers to Obtaining Needed Dental Treatment for Head Start Children in Washington" (2007)
L. Bitar

"Neighborhood Factors and Depression: Associations with Adolescents' Sexual Behavior" (2007)
L. Born

"Pregnancy Experience and Use of Emergency Contraception Among Young Women in the Bay Area" (2006)
S. Rutman

"They Used to Wear These White Dresses': Nurse Midwives' Experiences with Change in South African Health Services" (2006)
S. Wilhelm

"Parent Perspectives on Their Young Child's Television Viewing" (2006)
R. Calhoun

"Correlates of Medical and Legal Help Seeking among Women who Experienced Intimate Partner Violence" (2006)
E. Duterte

"An Evaluation of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington's Teen Clinic Program" (2006)
J. Knaster

"Family Public Health Clinics Implementing a Physical Activity Group: A Feasibility Assessment" (2006)
M. Martin

"Risk Factors for Recurrent Shoulder Dystocia, Washington State 1987-2004" (2006)
H. Moore

"Hospital-based Predictors of Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia Use: A Population-based Analysis of Washington State" (2006)
M. Altman

"The Association Between Psychosocial and Demographic Characteristics of the Mother, Child, and Mother-Child Dyad and Unintentional Injury in Young, Low-Income Children" (2006)
K. Payne

"Dental Practice with Native Underserved: Sources of Satisfaction" (2006)
J. Kelly

"A Comparison of Early Childhood Caries Risk Assessment Techniques in a Pediatric Medical Clinic" (2006)
Y. Yea

"Measuring Disease Burden: Asthma Caregiver Quality of Life " (2006)
A. Kobayashi

"Evaluating the Use of Bright Futures Educational Materials with Parents of Young Children with Special Needs" (2006)
J. Lauer

"What is the health and well-being of children entering out-ofhome care in Washington State?" (2005)
N. Nijim

"Micro-finance and health: An agency-sponsored process evaluation of the Kenya Voluntary Women's Rehabilitation Center's Micro-Finance Program" (2005)
D. Perera

"Acceptability of topical microbicide use in college-aged women (18-24 years old) at the University of Washington" (2005)
A. Peterson

"Post-partum contraception use among HIV-1 seropositive women in Nairobi, Kenya" (2005)
J. Balkus

"Evaluation of TeenSmart's Web-based adolescent health promotion intervention, Guatemala City, Guatemala; and Jenotepe, Nicaragua" (2005)
G. Clarke

"Medical home and asthma management in a pediatric population" (2004)
M. Sety

"Intimate partner violence during pregnancy and firearms in the home, Washington State 1996-1999" (2004)
T. Vollan

"Psychological sequelae of childhood forced sex: A study of maternal mental health in pregnant and parenting adolescents" (2004)
E. Wilcox

"What is the role of family and peer social support in protecting urban adolescents from developing depressive symptoms in the face of adverse life events?" (2004)
K. Breit

"The relationship between obesity and chronic periodontitis among adolescents and young adults sampled in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III)" (2004)
A. Foster

"Risk factors for preterm labor: A case-control study in Lima, Peru" (2004)
P. Garcia

"Experiences and beliefs of physicians who consult with licensed midwives in Washington State" (2004)
S. Huntington

"Youth violence, income inequality and social capital: An exologic study" (2004)
J. Saltmarsh

"Translating Chlamydia research into practice: The Adolescent Lifetime Health Monitoring Questionnaire" (2004)
J. Sankey

"Unintended pregnancy and multiple adverse birth outcomes 7 Monday, August 12, 2013 " (2004)
L. Senter

"Parental use of the Healthwise Handbook in conjunction with the Healthy Steps Program within a group model HMO" (2003)
K. Anke

"Are individual dietary behaviors associated with neighborhood socioeconomic status?" (2003)
T. Hilliard

"Birth defects and residential proximity to hazardous waste sites in Washington State" (2003)
C. Kuehn

"An evaluation of Pathways Home Project: a multidisciplinary therapeutic case-management program serving homeless families" (2003)
R. Brucker

"Education received about group B streptococcal disease during pregnancy" (2003)
L. Christian

"Why don't parents ask? Teaching parents to ask about the presence of firearms in homes where their children play" (2003)
C. Dean

"Women's perceptions of their doula support" (2003)
J. Koumouitzes-Douvia

"Prevalence of overweight children in an eastern Washington School" (2003)
J. Zahid

"Family support for families of color in Washington State" (2002)
E. Arjun

"A descriptive analysis of the Western Washington Planned Parenthood HOPE Program: Hormonal contraception with an optional pelvic exam " (2002)
R. Gmach

"Perinatal infection and risk of Cerebral Palsy in both term and preterm infants" (2002)
M. Nuefeld

"Transition to middle school and the prediction of violent behavior" (2002)
A. LaFazia-Nielsen

"Is there an association between early labor admission and the risk of Cesarean section for dystocia in low-risk nulliparous women" (2002)
L. Lee

"Risk of childhood acute leukemia associated with prenatal exposures and birth characteristics" (2002)
D. Podvin

"Survey of future health care providers' attitudes toward abortion" (2002)
S. Shotorbani

"Weapon-related threats and risk of subsequent intimate partner abuse" (2002)
I. Stohl

"The diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes associated with Pertussis among infants <1 year of age, over 15 years, in a local health district" (2002)
L. Shih

"Knowledge, beliefs, and intentions regarding risk and prevention of cervical cancer among Hispanic adolescents" (2002)
S. Tejeda

"Birthweight specific neonatal mortality for Native Americans" (2001)
C. Tetrick

"Jail incarceration, prenatal health service and infant birthweight" (2001)
J. Bell

"Comparison of quality of care and outcomes for pediatric diabetic patients enrolled in Medicaid and commercial insurance managed care programs" (2001)
G. Wellenstein

"Consistency of condom use among female university students" (2001)
R. Bouvion

"Role of the take-home pathway in children's exposure to agricultural pesticides" (2001)
J. Grossman

"Is periodontal disease during pregnancy a risk factor for preterm delivery and/or low birth weight?" (2001)
C. Krouse

"Washington State pharmacists' knowledge, attitudes and practices related to the provision of emergency contraceptive pills" (2001)
M. Kurilo

"The practices of practicing Ob/Gyns regarding routine depression screening" (2001)
A. La Rocco

"Preferences of providers of maternity services for improving access for low-income women" (2001)
A. Mariella

"A randomized controlled trial to evaluate an injury prevention program for adolescents" (2001)
P. Riley

"Variations in adolescents' physical activity: Do schoolbased fitness centers make a difference?" (2001)
C. Schwien

"The self-identified health and social service needs of low-income pregnant women and women and young children in Okanogan, Washington" (2001)
S. Sodal

"The face of family violence: What we know from primary care medical record documentation" (2001)
J. Altemose

"Adolescents' Knowledge and Perceptions of Access to Emergency Contraception" (2000)
S. Alton

"Breast Cancer Risk Factors in Ethnic Asian-American groups" (2000)
N. Chan

"The relationship between perinatal factors and childhood mortality" (2000)
C. Li

"Using a self-report cartoon booklet to assess tolerance to xylitol-based foods in young children" (2000)
C. Riedy

"Cost-effectiveness of screening of asymptomatic young males for Chlamydia trachomati" (2000)
R. Shapiro

"The caring for exceptional children study: A survey of caregivers" (2000)
E. Shea Davis

"The association between poverty and the limitations experienced by school-aged children with developmental disabilities" (2000)
K. Stainback-Tracy

"Assessing the need for an exercise promotion program among female members of moderately low-income religious organizations" (2000)
S. Stanford

"Factors Associated with Birth Attendant Hand Washing Practices in the Eastern Terai Region of Nepal" (2000)
B. Stout