School of Public Health


The UW MCH program is a small, close-knit community of about 15-20 students and 5 faculty members. The Peer Mentor Program pairs incoming first year students with second year students who offer support and insight. This small cohort provides a non-competitive academic environment where students get to know each other and our core faculty. In addition to the weekly MCH seminar in fall and spring quarters, students get together to work on their theses in Special Interest Groups.

Epidemiology Student Profile

Divya Patil

"I have always been interested in how different fields can work together to solve issues that our society faces."

Health Services Student Profile

Alyssa Bosold

"One thing I learned that I will carry with me throughout my career is an understanding of the need to ask questions—...

Faculty Profile

Todd Edwards

Advice to students: do the research and take the steps necessary to land the job that pays you to work on the issues...

Alumni Profile

Dila Perera

Dila Perera
"Having a MPH gives you a certain power and credibility as you go out into the world. Use it to lift up those who have...