School of Public Health


Capstone Experience for MCH Graduate Certificate Students

The capstone is fieldwork project - an in-depth analysis or evaluation of an MCH preventive intervention program, a community-based service agency, or an existing MCH data source. You will recieve a more detailed description of the capstone project, including student responsibilities and faculty mentoring, during the EPI 600A Capstone course.  You will present a formal scientific poster of your capstone project at the annual MCH Research Festival. 

Evaluation Projects
You will identify the service goals of an organization or agency, the methods of service delivery, the assumptions or theories of change that are implied or explicit about how and why the program works, and the results. You will utilize multiple sources of information such as interviews with key informants, direct observation of the program in action, formal and informal presentations, and existing scholarly publications.

Data Analysis Project
You will perform an in-depth analysis of a specific, focused epidemiologic question or problem using an existing MCH data source such as birth certificates, hospital discharge data, or state or national data sources related to reproductive, perinatal, child, or adolescent public health.