School of Public Health


Two Year Program

You can find the curriculum requirements for the two-year MPH program on the website of your home department: Epidemiology | Health Services. All students enrolled in the MPH program will also complete a practicum and thesis.

Required MCH Coursework

  • HSERV 541 Topics in MCH (required for Health Services students and strongly recommended for Epidemiology students)
  • EPI 521 | HSERV 542 Epidemiology of MCH Problems
  • EPI 592 | HSERV 592 MCH Seminar (weekly session on MCH-related topics and  guidance in thesis development)

First-year Health Services students should choose an Epidemiology course. This may be one introductory course or a series of courses. Your MCH advisor can help you make this decision.


The University of Washington has graduate-level courses in women's, adolescent's and children's health that students can take as an elective. Find an elective...

Graduate Certificate Program

When you have completed all the course requirements and capstone project, submit the Checklist of Requirements to Daniel Enquobahrie at

Required MCH Certificate Coursework

School of Public Health (SPH) graduate students (8 credits):

Non-SPH graduate students and General Non-Matriculated (GNM) students (12 credits):

  • EPI 511 Introduction to Epidemiology (4)
  • HSERV 541 Topics in Maternal and Child Health (3)
  • EPI 521 Epidemiology of MCH Problems (4)
  • EPI 600A Capstone (1) Spring


SPH students minimum 7 elective credits
Non-SPH and GNM students minimum 3 elective credits

  • EPI 514* Application of Epidemiological Methods (4 credits)
  • EPI 548 Social Determinants of Health (3 credits or Cr/NC)
  • HSERV 511** Introduction to Health Services and Public Health (3-4 credits)
  • ENV H 517 Children's Environmental Health (3 credits)
  • ENV H 532 Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology (3 credits)
  • GH 544 Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries (3 credits)
  • GH 545 Child Health in Developing Countries (0-3 credits)
  • GH 590A Global Perspectives on Reproductive Health (3 credits or Cr/NC)
  • NUTR 526 Maternal and Infant Nutrition (3 credits)
  • NUTR 527 Pediatric Nutrition (2-3 credits)

*Elective for non-Epidemiology students only
**Elective for non-SPH and GNM students only