MCH Research Festival 2006

This year's festival was held at the Waterfront Activities Center on June 7th. Graduating MPH students presented their thesis projects; and certificate students displayed posters of their capstone projects. After an afternoon of presentations, students celebrated with a reception, and enjoyed good food and the view from the deck of Union Bay on one of the few sunny days of the month.

Michelle Bell, PhD, MSW, who will be retiring from the University of Washington this summer, was recognized for her 21 years with the MCH Program. MCH students honored her with a gift in her name to The Children's Alliance.

Michelle Bell
Michelle Bell with Kristi Linsenmayer and Yoo-Lee Yea.

Over 50 people attended this year's event, including family and friends—many from out-of-state.

Ana Kobayashi with family and friends
Ana Kobayashi, second-year student, with (from left to right) her mother,
Mollie Kobayashi;her partner, Mike Feazel; and her friend, James Ferrero.

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Thesis Projects

Below are listed the names of second-year, in-residence MCH students, their departments, and their thesis topics. In addition to completing degree requirements of the Departments of Health Services or Epidemiology, students in the in-residence program develop specific professional competencies for careers in MCH through their choice of educational pathways, research topics, and practicum fieldwork.

Molly Altman
Molly R. Altman (Epidemiology), "Hospital-based Predictors of Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia Use: A Population-based Analysis of Washington State"
Rebecca Calhoun
Rebecca Calhoun (Health Services), "Parent Perspectives on Their Young Child's Television Viewing"
Erin Duterte
Erin Duterte (Health Services), "Correlates of Medical and Legal Help Seeking among Women who Experienced Intimate Partner Violence"
Joseph Kelly
Joseph P. Kelly (Health Services), "Dental Practice with Native Underserved: Sources of Satisfaction"
Jessica Knaster
Jessica Knaster (Health Services), "An Evaluation of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington's Teen Clinic Program"
Ana Kobayashi
Ana B. Kobayashi (Health Services), "Measuring Disease Burden: Asthma Caregiver Quality of Life"
Janel Lauer
Janel D. Lauer (Health Services), "Evaluating the Use of Bright Futures Educational Materials with Parents of Young Children with Special Needs"
Mariah Martin
Mariah Martin (Epidemiology), "Family Public Health Clinics Implementing a Physical Activity Group: A Feasibility Assessment"
Hillary Moore
Hillary Moore (Epidemiology), "Risk Factors for Recurrent Shoulder Dystocia, Washington State 1987-2004"
Katy Payne
Katy Payne (Health Services), "The Association Between Psychosocial and Demographic Characteristics of the Mother, Child, and Mother-Child Dyad and Unintentional Injury in Young, Low-Income Children"
Shira Rutman
Shira P. Rutman (Health Services), "Pregnancy Experience & Use of Emergency Contraception Among Young Women in the Bay Area"
Sarah Wilhelm
Sarah C. Wilhelm (Health Services), "They Used to Wear These White Dresses': Nurse Midwives' Experiences with Change in South African Health Services"
Yoo-Lee Yea
Yoo-Lee Yea (Health Services), "A Comparison of Early Childhood Caries Risk Assessment Techniques in a Pediatric Medical Clinic "
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Capstone Projects

Below are listed the names of students who completed the requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Maternal and Child Health, along with their departments, and titles of their capstone project. The capstone is an analysis of a community-based preventive intervention program that is designed to integrate students' knowledge and skills developed in the MCH courses with fieldwork.

Molly Altman (Epidemiology), "The State of Obstetric Care in India and the United States: A Comparison" (PDF)

Leena Bitar (Health Services), "Access to Baby and Child Dentistry" (PDF)

Sara Donahue (Epidemiology), "Risk Factors for Gastroschisis, Washington State 1987 - 2004" (with Hillary Moore) (PDF)

Rebecca Koreny (Health Services), "Computer-Assisted Health Visits: Increasing Collaboration between Teen Mothers and Health Providers" (PDF)

Tori Lallemont (Health Services), "Health Promotion for Columbia City Walks " (PDF)

Kristi Linsenmayer (Health Services), "Evaluation of a Behavioral Health Program Integrating Traditional and Western Medical Practices for At-Risk Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Youth " (PDF)

Amelia McGee (Health Services), "The State of Washington's Children" (PDF)

Hillary Moore (Health Services), "Risk Factors for Gastroschisis, Washington State 1987 - 2004" (with Sara Donahue) (PDF)

Meghan Moore (Health Services), "School and Worksite Interventions to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake" (PDF)