MCH Research Festival 2008

Congratulations 2008 graduates!

This spring marks the ninth annual Maternal and Child Public Health Research Festival, which showcases second-year students' thesis projects and certificate students' capstone projects.

Allison Klune, Tracy Brazg, Yvonne Lin, and Brooke Latzke.
MCH students Allison Klune, Tracy Brazg, Yvonne Lin, and Brooke Latzke
at the 2008 Research Festival.

Students' thesis committee members, mentors, classmates, co-workers, friends, and family members attended the festival. Presenting technical information on a public health topic and its research methods to such a varied audience can be a challenge. Students were very successful, as evidenced by the thoughtful questions from the audience after each presentation! As one attendee commented, "You were the teachers during your presentations, and you did a fine job."

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Thesis Projects

Below are listed the names of second-year, in-residence MCH students, who presented their thesis projects at the festival, with links to project abstracts and slide presentations.

In addition to completing the MPH degree requirements of the Department of Health Services, students in the in-residence program develop specific professional competencies for careers in MCH through their choice of educational pathways, research topics, and practicum fieldwork.

Catherine Berglund
Catherine Berglund (Health Services), "Examination of the Beliefs and Attitudes of Pregnant Hispanic Nulliparous Women Regarding the Use of Epidural Anesthesia"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Tracy Brazg
Tracy Brazg (Health Services), "Our Community in Focus: The Use of Photovoice for Youth-Driven Substance Abuse Assessment and Health Promotion "
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)

Read an article about Photovoice, written by Tracy Brazg, in the summer 2008 issue of the Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health, Helping Communities Promote Youth Mental Health.

Troy Hull
Troy Hull (Health Services), "Establishing a Dental Home: What Determines Age at a Child's First Dental Visit?"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Rebecca Koreny
Rebecca Koreny (Health Services), "Service Intensity Changes in the King County, Washington Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program: 2005-2007"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Rebecca Osborn
Rebecca D. Osborn (Health Services), "Providers' Expressed Need to Care for Somali Families: A Case Study of Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Shelby Wilson
Shelby Wilson (Health Services), "Variations in Year of Maternal Age and Maternal Birthweight among Women Who Deliver Infants with Gastroschisis in Washington State, 1987-2006 "
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
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Capstone Projects

Below are listed the names of students who presented posters of their capstone projects at the research festival, with links to those posters. The capstone is an analysis of a community-based preventive intervention program that is designed to integrate students' knowledge and skills developed in the MCH courses with fieldwork.

These students completed the requirements for a graduate certificate in maternal and child health and

Troy Hull (Health Services), "Dental Home by Age 1: Following Professional Recommendations" (PDF)

Sharlene Joachim (Health Services), "Disparities in Early Intervention Participation: Using Population-Level Data to Inform Practice" (PDF)

Allison Klune (Health Services), "The Experiences and Feelings of Public Health Nurses Surrounding Pediatric Injury Prevention" (PDF)

Brooke Latzke (Health Services), "Closing the Quality Gap: A Practical Model for Pediatric Asthma Care" (PDF)

Yvonne Lin (Health Services), "Bigger Isn't Better: Weight Gain between Pregnancies Increases the Risk of Cesarean Delivery in Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes" (PDF)

Yo Miyashita (Health Services), "Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease Starting in the Pediatric Age Range" (PDF)

Michele Nucci (Health Services), "The Development and Implementation of Nutrition Standards and Policies in a Private School" (PDF)

Julia Richman (Health Services), "Prevention of Dental Injuries: A Guide for MCH Professionals" (PDF)

Brooke Scelza (Health Services), "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder among Australian Aborigines: Barriers to Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment in the Western Desert" (PDF)

Jane Yi (Health Services), "Preconception Health Promotion Utilizing Behavioral Theories" (PDF)