MCH Research Festival 2010

Congratulations 2010 graduates!

This year's festival was held at the Waterfront Activities Center on June 8th. Graduating MPH students presented their thesis projects, and certificate students displayed posters of their capstone projects. After an afternoon of presentations, students celebrated with a reception, and enjoyed good food and the view from the deck of Union Bay on one of the few sunny days of the month.

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Thesis Projects

Below are listed the names of second-year, in-residence students, who presented their thesis projects at the festival, with links to project abstracts and slide presentations.

In addition to completing the MPH degree requirements for the Departments of Health Services or Epidemiology, students in the in-residence program develop specific professional competencies for careers in MCH through their choice of educational pathways, research topics, and practicum fieldwork.

Jeanene Johnson
Jeanene Johnson (Epidemiology), "Infant birth weight relative to gestational weight gain in adolescent pregnancy: A study among sisters"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Travis Nelson
Travis Nelson(Health Services), "The effectiveness of SMS text messages as appointment reminders"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Sarah Reed
Sarah Reed (Health Services), "Who gets left behind: Adolescent well-being in Washington State military families"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Bonnie Strelitz
Bonnie Strelitz (Health Services), "Suicide risk behaviors in adolescents with disabilities: Examining the role of depressive symptoms"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
Angela Tang
Angela Tang (Epidemiology), "The effect of young maternal age on low birth weight: A comparison of adolescent primiparas and their adult sisters"
Abstract (PDF)
Slide Presentation (PDF)
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Capstone Projects

Below are listed the names of students who presented posters of their capstone projects at the research festival, with links to those posters. The capstone is an analysis of a community-based preventive intervention program that is designed to integrate students' knowledge and skills developed in the MCH courses with fieldwork.

These students completed the requirements for a graduate certificate in maternal and child health.

Sarah Charlesworth (Epidemiology), "Where have all the boys gone? Secular trends in birth sex ratio among first born singletons in Washington State" (PDF)

Wendy Ellis (Health Services), "Understanding geographic disparities in mental health care for children and adolescents" (PDF)

Yolanda Evans (Health Services), "Barriers to care for homeless and street-involved youth" (PDF)

Deborah Gardner (Health Services), "Dietary saturated fat and fat-soluble vitamins in childhood health: A new approach" (PDF)

Yuqing Guo (Health Services), "A proposed study of the association between maternal depression and infants' regulation" (PDF)

Amanda Harris (Health Services), "Potential effects of sexual coercion on negative reproductive health outcomes among young women in Washington State" (PDF)

Marlana Kohn (Health Services), "Not just a problem of pregnancy: Persistent issues after gestational diabetes for women and children" (PDF)

Julia Lehnert (Epidemiology), "Kangaroo Care: A therapeutic nursing intervention for mechanically ventilated neonates in the neonatal intensive care unit" (PDF)

Carrie Pettler (Health Services), "Unintended pregnancy and depression: A public health concern" (PDF)

Ameera Thomas (Health Services), "Fluoride: Myths, facts, and recommendations" (PDF)

Julia Yoshino (Epidemiology), "Beyond fashionably late: Adverse infant outcomes following prolonged and postterm pregnancy" (PDF)