Supplement to Vol. 7, No.1: August-September 2013

Coastal and Marine Citizen Science Projects

In mid-2013, participants in the EBM Tools Network listserv were asked to provide examples of coastal and marine citizen science projects.  They offered a wealth of them: more than 30 projects.  The resulting list is indicative rather than comprehensive, and tends to focus on projects described in English and mostly from the US.  Still, it gives an idea of the diversity of citizen science projects in practice.

The list of projects is below, in no particular order:

Phytoplankton Monitoring Program

Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST)

Reef Watch

Old Weather

Boston Harbor Islands Citizen Science Programs

Range Extension Database and Mapping Project (Redmap)


Seafloor Explorer


Tag a Tiny Program

Salish Sea Hydrophone Network

Monitoring Blue Crab Larvae


Marine Debris Tracker

Marine Mammals Sightings Database

Reef Check California

Community Environmental Health Laboratory

MPA Watch

Beach Watch

Eye on the Reef Program

Vital Signs


Whale Shark Photo-ID Library

Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students (LiMPETS)

Sound Citizen

Inner Cabrillo Beach Survey and Peninsula Shorewatch Survey

Coast Salish Tribal Journey Water Quality Project

Grunion Greeters

Hudson River American Eel Research Project


Secchi App Project

Sea Search

North Carolina Sea Turtle Project

Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance and Status of Humpbacks (SPLASH)



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