MEAM issues

Vol. 8, No. 1: October - November 2014
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• Payment for ecosystem services: An idea whose time has come for marine resource management?
• Tundi's Take: Payments for ecosystem services should be done in tandem with ocean zoning
• New guide and website walk readers through the how-to of evaluating marine spatial plans
• Notes & news: MSP survey - Integration in MSP - Fisheries and climate change - Balancing food security and conservation

Vol. 7, No. 6: August - September 2014
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• Improving ocean management by addressing population and human health concerns: Insights from Madagascar and the Philippines
• Tundi’s Take: Is the link between ocean health and human health the sleeping dragon?
• Perspective: Managing new Central Arctic Ocean fisheries in an era of global warming
• Letter to the Editor: Combining approaches to address scale challenges
• Notes & news: Small island developing states - Deep sea mining - Large-scale conservation - Climate change and fisheries - Financing fishery transition projects
• The EBM Toolbox: No single technology is a complete solution

Vol. 7, No. 5: June - July 2014
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• Mismatches between the scale of ecosystems and the scale of management: How practitioners are addressing this challenge
• Tundi's Take: Are we too preoccupied with scale?
• Perspective: Navigating long time horizons and uncertainty in planning
• Notes & news: Belgium - England - EU - Ecosystem services - Blue carbon - Ocean acidification - Map of European MSP - Using film to inspire management action

Vol. 7, No. 4: April - May 2014
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• Managing for resilient ecosystems: Faced with limited budgets, should we protect the healthiest or restore the degraded?
• Tundi's Take: Can we ever hope to manage for resilience?
• Letter to the Editor: Marine conservation and sustainable food production are not on a collision course
• Notes & news: Global Ocean Commission - Marine conservation movement - MSP survey - Climate change impacts - Marine planning - Coral Triangle EBM
• MSP in theory vs. reality: Preliminary governance findings of MESMA project
• Film sequel Ocean Frontiers II continues work to inspire action on marine spatial planning

Vol. 7, No. 3: December 2013 - January 2014
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• Are catch shares compatible with ecosystem-based management? Experts respond
• Tundi's Take: Can anything as narrow as catch shares propel us toward EBM?
• Letters to the editor: More responses on whether marine conservation and food production are on a collision course
• Perspective: Reducing non-climate stresses - not always a good idea?
• The EBM Toolbox: From paper to digital - The mobile app revolution in fisheries
• Notes & news: MSP for maritime professionals - MSP movie - Arctic MSP - Canadian libraries closed

Vol. 7, No. 2: October - November 2013
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• Are marine conservation and sustainable food production on a collision course?: Experts respond
• Tundi's Take: Can we have our fish and eat them, too?
• Ocean Health Index to release first regional scores
• Are ecosystem service valuations actually being used in policy-making?
• Notes & News: New Zealand - Cultural ecosystem services - Ocean acidification management options - Impact of rising ocean temperatures - Ocean planning handbook - Ocean zoning

Vol. 7, No. 1: August - September 2013
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• Special feature (Parts A & B): Citizen science in coastal and marine management
•• A. Tundi's Take: Engagement of citizens in research may be a pain for scientists, but citizen science holds many benefits
•• B. The EBM Toolbox: Coastal and marine citizen science projects
• Integrated land-and-sea management, Part 2: Reconciling different management priorities within Gwaii Haanas, Canada
• Letter to the Editor: Marine conservation and sustainable food production are on a collision course
• Project aims to guide EU monitoring and implementation of spatially managed areas
• Why fisheries management without spatial considerations is ineffective: Interview with John Caddy
• Notes & News: Timor-Leste - Biodiversity offsets - Rhode Island MSP - Payments for ecosystem services

Vol. 6, No. 6: June - July 2013
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• Integrated land-and-sea management: Examining three cases where marine practitioners are looking upstream
• Tundi's Take: Acknowledge the land-sea connection, even if it takes you from your comfort zone as a marine manager
• Preparing data and maps for a regional MSP process: Interview with Nick Napoli
• Global Ocean Commission: "Need to act swiftly" on high seas governance
• Notes & News: Red List for Ecosystems - PNCIMA - Arctic strategy - Ocean Frontiers - Community-based fisheries management
• Upcoming events on
• The EBM Toolbox: "In-the-water" tools for MSP

Vol. 6, No. 5: April - May 2013
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• OpenChannels: Over 11,000 ocean planners and managers served so far
• Can Any and All Marine Activities Be Compatible with EBM, or Are There Limits? Experts Respond
• Tundi's Take: We must consider not only what we take out of the sea, but also what we put into it
• Survey examines which tools have been used for marine spatial planning, and how useful they are
• Excerpts from the OpenChannels chat with Jon Day on lessons from zoning the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
• Notes & News: US ocean plan - Climate adaptation strategy - Global MPA coverage - Spatial conservation proposals - Blue carbon - ABNJ - Risk management and EBM - Triple-bottom-line outcomes - Marine ecosystem services
• Upcoming events on
• The EBM Toolbox: So many tools! How do I choose?

Vol. 6, No. 4: February - March 2013
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• New on OpenChannels: With 'Private Groups' function, your group or project can have its own secure forum for discussion, content sharing
• Communications and Marine Spatial Planning: Engaging Stakeholders and Building Public Support
• Perspective: The Present and Future of Marine Spatial Planning around the World
• Global survey on what tools MSP processes are using: Preliminary findings
• Tundi's Take: Ecosystem Assessments - Telling it like it is
• Notes & News: MSP guide - MSP in EU - Mediterranean - Reversing declines in ocean health
• Ecosystem-Based Arguments to Expand Boundaries of Two MPAs
• The EBM Toolbox: Finding the right tool(s) to assess coastal climate change vulnerability and to plan for adaptation

Vol. 6, No. 3: December 2012 - January 2013
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• Links between Urban and Marine Ecosystems: Balancing the Sustainability of Coastal Cities and Adjacent Seas
• Tundi's Take: Gray Alongside Blue May Get Us the New Green
• Updates on US Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
• Maximizing the Value of Offshore Space by Co-Locating Aquaculture and Wind Farms: An Interview with Bela Buck
• Upcoming Events: MPA monitoring webinar - Marine Cadastre chat
• Notes & News: MSP tools survey - North Sea - Mangroves - Fishery closures
• The EBM Toolbox: Citizen Science for EBM, Part 1

Vol. 6, No. 2: October - November 2012
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• New blogs on the OpenChannels website this month
• "Turning the Dials" in the Direction of Progress: Reflecting on the Largest Study of Marine EBM in Practice
• EBM Toolbox: Funding for Tool Development
• Tundi's Take: How Objectives-Oriented EBM Propels Us Away from Static, Formulaic Marine Management
• Perspective: 10 Must-Be-Read Publications on the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries
• Organization Spotlight: OceanElders, a Catalyst for Ocean Conservation
• Notes & News: Ireland - MSP - Recreational fisheries - World Risk Report - Lionfish invasion - Guides for Ocean Frontiers - Crowdsourcing seafloor research
• Announcements: Ocean Health Index live chat - Webinar on MPA capacity-building - Webinar on Mesoamerican eco-audit

Vol. 6, No. 1: August - September 2012
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• OpenChannels: New Forum for Sharing Knowledge on Ocean Planning and Management
• In US, Marine Spatial Planning Process Enters Regional Phase; Federal Role Is Reduced from Original Plans
• Tundi's Take: Circling Back to Hawaiian EBM
• Perspective: In the Coral Triangle Initiative, Is Support Filtering Down to MPAs and Local Practitioners?
• Perspective: Fisheries Research Needs to Change Course
• Notes & News: Ocean Health Index - EBM case studies - EU marine spatial planning - Shifting baselines - UN Oceans Compact
• EBM Toolbox: Six Field-tested Tools for Comprehensive Marine Spatial Planning and MPAs

Vol. 5, No. 6: June - July 2012
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• Launching Soon: New Online Forum for Ocean Planning
• Serious Fun: Using Games to Advance Coastal and Marine Management
• SimIsle: A Mainstream Computer Game that Introduced the Public to Coastal Management Concepts
• Letters to the Editor: On Streamlined Permitting and Points of No Return
• Tundi's Take: My "Desert Island" Publications on Marine EBM
• Crafting an Argument for Ocean Planning? Consider How Aristotle Would Do It
• Notes & News: Marine spatial planning - Forage fish - Mesoamerican Reef - Valuing ecosystem services - Responsible coastal tourism - Preventing further harm to oceans
• EBM Toolbox: Are you headed to Oakland for the SCB North America Congress in July 2012?

Vol. 5, No. 5: April - May 2012
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• Managing Trade-offs: Viewpoints from the Negotiation Table
• Tundi's Take: In Trade-offs and Choices, There Is One Simple Rule
• Perspective: 13 Myths of Marine Spatial Planning
• Letters to the Editor: New Media and EBM
• EBM Toolbox: Yes, There Are Apps for EBM (Part 2)

Vol. 5, No. 4: February - March 2012
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• New Media and EBM: Using Twitter, YouTube, and Other Tools to Engage the 'Crowd' and Improve Management
• Limits of New Media for Ocean Management in Developing Nations
• Tundi's Take: Social Media Connects Humans with Ecosystems, Too
• More on Habitat Mapping for EBM: Daily Updated Maps to Manage Migratory Species
• Perspective: Tips on Communicating about Marine Spatial Planning
• Notes & News: US ocean policy - Conservation partnerships - Cumulative impacts - Greening the marine economy
• EBM Toolbox: Yes, There Are Apps for EBM (Part 1)

Vol. 5, No. 3: December 2011 - January 2012
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• How Detailed Mapping of the Sea Floor Is Informing Ecosystem-Based Management
• Improved Seafloor Maps and The Gully
• Tundi's Take: The Allure of Fancy Maps - Do They Present False Promises?
• Letters to the Editor: Stakeholder Engagement in EBM
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Stakeholder Engagement (Part 2)
• Notes & News: Ocean sustainability - European coastal management - US marine data - Coastal governance - Arctic marine EBM - Arabian Gulf ecosystems - EU marine spatial planning - Marine debris forum

Vol. 5, No. 2: October - November 2011
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• Making the Most of Stakeholder Involvement in EBM: Practitioners and Researchers Share their Insights
• Tundi's Take: Finding the Right Representatives of Stakeholder Constituencies - an Essential but Challenging Task
• Profiles in EBM: Sustaining Ecosystems, Supporting Human Well-Being in The Bahamas
• Notes & News: Socio-economic benefits of MSP - Good coastal management practice - Integrating MPAs in MSP
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Stakeholder Engagement

Vol. 5, No. 1: August - September 2011
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• Paying for EBM: Insights on Building Sustainable Financing for EBM over the Long Term
• Tundi's Take: Private Sector Investment in EBM Makes Good Business Sense
• Making Marine Spatial Plans Adaptable to a Changing Climate: Interview with Robin Craig
• Notes & News: Marine extinction event - Integrated coastal zone management - Oceans and sustainable development - Transition to EBFM - Marine conservation ecology
• EBM Toolbox: Quantifying, Mapping, and Valuing Ecosystem Services

Vol. 4, No. 6: June - July 2011
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• Making EBM Accessible: Guide Offers User-Friendly Advice on Putting Marine and Coastal EBM into Practice
• Defining Ecosystems as an Initial Step in EBM: Experts Discuss the Challenges and Implications
• Tundi's Take: Approaching EBM via an Ecosystem Approach
• Letter to the Editor: On the Need for Integrated Management
• Notes & News: US ocean policy - Upstream problems - MSP economic effect - Tools for MSP - New research center - Communication guidebook - MSP advice - EBM in Caribbean - IUCN newsletter
• EBM Toolbox: Using Toolkits for EBM

Vol. 4, No. 5: April - May 2011
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• Integrated Management: What Does It Look Like in Practice?
• Tundi's Take: Integration - How Can Something So Simple Be So Confounding?
• EBM Perspective: How Far Have We Progressed in 30 Years?
• EBM Perspective: Marine Spatial Planning in the Arctic
• Science Spotlight: What Are Stable Isotopes, and How Can They Inform Marine EBM?
• Notes & News: European MSP - MPA governance - UK regional marine planning
• EBM Toolbox: New EBM Tools Database Released

Vol. 4, No. 4: February - March 2011
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• What Role Does Ocean Zoning Play in Marine Spatial Planning?: Viewpoints from the EU, US, and China
• Tundi's Take: In Zoning, Beware of Shortcuts Leading to Dead Ends
• EBM Perspective: Implementing Integrated EBM at the Interface with Indigenous Knowledge
• EBM and Traditional Resource Management in Coastal Canada
• Flooding in NE Australia: How Ongoing Monitoring of Flood Plumes Helps in Managing the Great Barrier Reef
• Notes & News: EBM in practice - Economic incentives for conservation - Marine and coastal adaptation - Arctic sustainability - MPAs in fisheries management
• EBM Toolbox: Is There an App for EBM?

Vol. 4, No. 3: December 2010 - January 2011
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• Adaptive Management: What Does It Look Like in Practice?
• MEAM Debate on Mixing Science with Advocacy: What Are the Risks and Responsibilities When Scientists Advocate for Particular Resource Management Policies?
• Tundi's Take: Science and Scarcity: Is Monitoring the First to Go When Economic Times Get Tough?
• Notes & News: Webinar on EBM in practice - Rhode Island ocean zoning - Mapping human uses - Ecosystem approach to aquaculture - Invasive species - Restoring reef ecosystems - Canada/US cooperation
• EBM Toolbox: Developing Sustainable EBM Tools

Vol. 4, No. 2: October - November 2010
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• The Role of Science in EBM, Part 2: More Views on How to Balance Science with Other Considerations
• Letter to the Editor
• Tundi's Take: The Precautionary Principle, and Shifting the Burden of Proof
• Impact of the New US Ocean Policy on MPAs, and Vice Versa: Interview with Joe Uravitch
• Marine Planning: Tragedy of the Acronyms, by Jeff Ardron
• EBM Bookshelf: New Books on Global Change, Fisheries Management
• Notes & News: Canadian Arctic - US West Coast - EBM consensus statement - Large marine areas - Community-based watershed management - Geotechnologies and spatial planning - Cartoon guide on MSP
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Predicting and Mitigating Coastal Hazard and Climate Change Impacts

Vol. 4, No. 1: August - September 2010
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• The Role of Science in EBM: Does Science Drive the Process, or Just Inform It?
• Tundi's Take: Science in the Service of EBM
• New US Ocean Policy Calls for Marine Spatial Planning
• How Marine Spatial Planning Can Lower Costs for Management & Industry: Interview with Tim Norman of The Crown Estate
• Bookshelf: New Books on Ocean Zoning, Marine Spatial Planning
• Notes & News: EBM lessons from Packard - EBM in tropical Western Pacific - Marine spatial planning - EBM in US - Climate adaptation - IMCC2 - Mangrove atlas - Patagonian Sea - North American marine ecosystems

Vol. 3, No. 6: June - July 2010
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• Offshore Energy: The Challenge of Planning and Managing It in an Ecosystem-Based Way
• Tundi's Take: Light at the End of Deepwater Horizon's Tunnel
• EBM Perspective: Marine Spatial Planning and Ocean Industries
• Letter to the Editor
• Notes & News: Arctic governance - Baltic MPAs - Community-based ecosystem approach - Fisheries reform - Oceans conference
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Predicting and Mitigating Coastal Hazard and Climate Change Impacts (Part 2 of 3)

Vol. 3, No. 5: April - May 2010
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• Toward EBM: Experts Suggest Feasible First Steps that Make a Difference
• Tundi's Take: Big Strides with Baby Steps in San Andrés
• Lessons for EBM from the Field of Change Management: Getting Institutions to Accept Change
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Predicting and Mitigating Coastal Hazard and Climate Change Impacts (Part I of III)
• Notes & News: Scotland - Washington - US Gulf Coast - Economics of EBM - Marine spatial planning - East Asian seas - North America - Sea level rise - Ocean noise - IMCC2

Vol. 3, No. 4: February - March 2010
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• Examining the Relationship between Marine Spatial Planning and EBM: Views from Three Planners
• Research Spotlight: Managing the Costs and Benefits of Multinational Conservation
• Tundi's Take: Balancing Centralization and Decentralization in Ocean Governance
• New Tool Provides a Roadmap toward Marine and Coastal EBM
• Letter to the Editor: Impacts of climate change on rainfall, and consequences for marine and coastal systems
• Notes & News: US - Massachusetts - EBM advice - Solomon Islands - Balancing species and ecosystems - Nordic region - Oceans and climate - Geotechnologies and spatial planning
• EBM Toolbox: Social science tools for ecosystem-based management

Vol. 3, No. 3: December 2009 - January 2010
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• EBM in a Changing World: Strategies for Proactive Management Amid Climate Change
• Tundi's Take: Using Science to Plan for Climate Change
• Letters to the Editor
• Mapping Human Activities and Impacts on the Ocean: Interviews with Two Practitioners
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Ecological and Socioeconomic Monitoring
• Notes & News: UK - South Africa - Spatial planning presentations

Vol. 3, No. 2: October - November 2009
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• Communicating EBM: Facing the Challenge of Describing a New Management System to Various Audiences
• Communicating EBM, Part II: Countering Common Misconceptions about EBM and Marine Spatial Planning
• From Watersheds to Coral Reefs: Working to Manage Coastal Ecosystems in Fiji in an Integrated Way
• Letters to the Editor
• How Conservationists, Industry, and Government All View Risk Differently, and What This Means for EBM
• Tundi's Take: Marine Spatial Planning in Europe: Can MSP Help Achieve EBM without Ocean Zoning?
• EBM Toolbox: Tools for Determining Marine Connectivity
• Notes & News: US ocean policy - Governing transboundary resources - Ecosystem-based adaptation - Ocean zoning - Adaptation survey

Vol. 3, No. 1: August - September 2009
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Note: There was no issue of MEAM published for June or July 2009.
• Poll: Should Conservation Be Considered a "Use" of the Marine Environment?
• Case: Management of Monterey Bay Affected by Changes in Agricultural Practices Upstream
• Planning Spotlight: Developing a Framework for EBM Planning on Addu Atoll, Maldives
• EBM, the Namibian Way
• The EBM Toolbox: EBM Tools for Marine Spatial Planning
• Perspective: Marine Protected Areas, EBM, and Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries in Indonesia
• EBM Bookshelf: New Publications on Marine EBM
• Notes & News: U.S. - Massachusetts - Tropical marine EBM - LMEs - Arctic marine EBM

Vol. 2, No. 3: March - May 2009
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• The Role of Marine Protected Areas in EBM: Often Necessary, but Rarely Sufficient by Themselves
• Perspective: Having Somewhere to Grow Up: Ecosystem-Based Management of Fisheries for Ocean Recovery
• Perspective: Ecosystem-Based Management and Marine Protected Areas: Coming Together in Working Seascapes
• Case Study: Thinking Outside the (MPA) Box on EBM: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
• The EBM Toolbox: New Tools for Designing and Managing Marine Protected Areas

Vol. 2, No. 2: December 2008 - February 2009
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• Managing Ecosystems, Managing Fisheries: How Do EBM and EBFM Relate?
• EBFM in Practice: Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem
• Krill, the Antarctic Ecosystem, and CCAMLR
• EBM Opinion: On Marine Ecosystems, Fisheries Management, and Semantics
• EBFM Opinion: Furthering Fisheries Management, Hopefully Toward EBM
• EBM Opinion: EBM Is About More than Just Managing Fisheries
• The EBM Toolbox: Tools for ecosystem-based fisheries management
• Notes & News: EBM/EBFM webinar - Request for EBM proposals

Vol. 2, No. 1: September - November 2008
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• Comprehensive Ocean Zoning: Answering Questions about This Powerful Tool for EBM
• The EBM Toolbox: Tools for ocean zoning
• EBM Perspective: Ocean Zoning is Inevitable
• EBM Perspective: Correcting Misconceptions about Zoning - The Great Barrier Reef Example
• Case Study: Creating a Zoning Plan for Belgium's North Sea, with Lessons from Land-Based Zoning
• The Status of Spatial Management in New Zealand?

Vol. 1, No. 4: June - August 2008
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• Watershed Management: Putting EBM into Practice, Upstream from the Marine Environment
• The EBM Toolbox: Models for Watershed EBM
• Case Study: Watershed Management in the World's Most International River
• EBM Perspective: A Bird's Eye View of the Chesapeake
• Notes & News: Massachusetts - Collaborative management - Ocean governance

Vol. 1, No. 3: March - May 2008
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• Creating the Necessary Management Capacity for EBM
• Case Study: Creating Adequate Capacity for EBM - The Great Bear Rainforest
• EBM Perspectives:
__1. Scaling Up Grassroots Capacity for EBM in the Philippines
__2. Challenges in Capacity Building in Caribbean Small Island Developing States
• Note from the Editor
• Notes & News: ICZM book - Valuation of LMEs - Correction
• The EBM Toolbox: Integrating diverse tools, and why there is no EBM “SuperTool” yet

Vol. 1, No. 2: December 2007 - February 2008
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• Issues of Scale: Ensuring that EBM Works at All Levels, from Local to National and Beyond
• Case Study: Connecting Scales of Management for EBM in West Africa
• EBM Perspectives:
__1. A Planner's View on Working Across Spatial Scales
__2. Globalization and Scaling in Ecosystem-Based Management
• The EBM Toolbox

Vol. 1, No. 1: September - November 2007
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• Experts Describe Challenges Facing Marine EBM
• Perspectives: Where Do We Go from Here?
__1. Need to adopt novel approaches
__2. Investigating the roots of confusion
• Case Study: Southwest Indian Ocean Project Aims for Regional Management
• News and Notes: Guidance on implementation - Decline of coral - Forecasting tool - EBM tools - Ask the expert