2016 Reunion Weekend

Reunion Committees

Help make your reunion a success! Are there faculty or staff members you’d like to see? Classmates you’re especially excited to catch up with? Reunions are most successful when you are involved! Being on your committee is easy and fun, and it takes as little or as much time as you have to give.

Responsibilities. Contact two or more classmates. Participate in a handful of conference calls. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends from the past!

Learn more. Download this summary, or contact us at medalum@uw.edu.

Thank you to our committee members, listed below, who are helping to spread the word to classmates about the reunion! (The list below is current as of Aug. 2015.)

Class of 1956 (E-52)

Douglas Corpron, M.D.
Elizabeth Yingling, M.D.
John Kendall, Jr., M.D.
HAP Myers III, M.D.

Class of 1961 (E-57)

Robert Brunton, M.D.
Joseph Clifford, M.D.
David Gimlett, M.D.

1966 (E-62)

Howard Almquist, M.D.
Howard Halvorson, M.D.
F. Norman Hamilton, M.D.
Donald McClure, M.D.
Donald Mott, M.D.
William Neumeister, M.D.
Charles Rohrmann, Jr., M.D.
Richard Seaman, M.D.

1971 (E-67)

Clyde Koontz, M.D.
Warren Toews, M.D.

1976 (E-72)

Suzanne Spencer, M.D.
Martin Tullus, M.D.
Robert Veith, M.D.

2001 (E-97)

Maxine Dexter, M.D.
Scott Stuart, M.D.
Carl Wigren, M.D.