2015 Reunion Weekend

Reunion Committees

Thank you to our committee members, listed below, who are helping to spread the word to classmates about the reunion!

Would you like to join your committee? Are there faculty or staff members you’d like to see? Classmates you’re especially excited to catch up with? Reunions are most successful when you are involved! Being on your committee is easy and fun, and it takes as little or as much time as you have to give.

Responsibilities. Contact two or more classmates. Participate in a handful of conference calls. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends from the past!

Learn more. Download this summary, or contact us at medalum@uw.edu.

Class of 1955 (E-51)

Shirley Cooke Anderson, M.D.
Robert A. Fithian, M.D.
Trenholme Griffin, M.D.
Robert Hegstrom, M.D.
James J. Lane, Jr., M.D.
John N. Lein, M.D.
William Morton, M.D.
Marr P. Mullen, M.D.
Mackenzie Smith, M.D.
Henry Thomas Wiegert, M.D.

Class of 1960 (E-56)

Ron Bray, M.D.
Lary Dobbs, M.D.
Melvin Irwin Freeman, M.D.
Grant Gauger, M.D.
Arthur Harris, M.D.
Edward Lester, M.D.
Leslie Nelson, M.D.
Atley Ralston, M.D.

1965 (E-60)

Richard Baerg, M.D.
Richard Beemer, M.D.
Edwin Carlson, M.D.
David Doupe, M.D.
Judith Goslin Hall, M.D.
Wayne Hill, M.D.
Robert Kropp, M.D.
Jack Lamey, M.D.
Marlin Mattson, M.D.
James May, M.D.
George Nelson, M.D.
Jack Pierce, M.D.
Kirk Prindle, M.D.
Kenneth Tucker, M.D.
Raymond Vath, M.D.
Bruce Whipple, M.D.

1970 (E-66)

Jean M. Carney, M.D.
Robert D. Fischer, M.D.

1975 (E-71)

Stephen J. Annest, M.D.
David Bare, M.D.
Anita Johnson Connell, M.D.
Ruth Emerson, M.D.
Elisabeth Evans, M.D.
Bernice Hecker, M.D.
Walter Hollow, M.D.
Nancy Bialock Kiviat, M.D.
Douglas Knopp, M.D.
Philip James Parsons, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.
Michael Matlock, M.D.
Alvin Matsumoto, M.D.
Cecil Snodgrass, M.D.
Janice Suyehira, M.D.
William Watts, M.D.
Thomas Wu, M.D.

1980 (E-76)

Mary Mauriello Kelly, M.D.
Alan Smith, M.D.

1985 (E-81)

Patrick Beaulaurier, M.D.
Marni Bonnin, M.D.
Kim Leon Cox, M.D.
Jeffrey Matous, M.D.
Timothy Francis Obermiller, M.D.
Thomas Staiger, M.D.
David Venecia, Jr. , M.D.

1990 (E-86)

Julia Marie Bledsoe, M.D.
Patrice Burgess, M.D.
Emmanuel Eusebio, M.D.
Judy Felgenhauer, M.D.
Janice Givler, M.D.
Leo Sergio Morales, M.D.
T. Flint Porter, M.D.
Grace Marie Romano, M.D.

1995 (E-91)

Melissa Elizabeth Ashby, M.D.
Mary Barinaga, M.D.
Angela Chien, M.D.
Christianne Eldred, M.D.
Susan Kim, M.D.
Martha Riggers, M.D.

2000 (E-96)

Hilary Bowers, M.D.
Christopher Scott Famy, M.D.
Katharine Gordon Lamperti, M.D.
Julie Scherrer Vath, M.D.

2005 (E-01)

Tashi Gyaltsong, M.D.

2010 (E-06)

Kyle Chambers, M.D.
Caitlin Kelsey Gade, M.D.
Jordan Roper Guffin, M.D.
Elizabeth Peacock-Chambers, M.D.
Hana Smith, M.D.
Jennifer Trieu, M.D.
Mary Zaki, M.D.