Vol. 33, No. 2     Fall 2010
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Albert Reichert, M.D., Res. ’64

Adapted from The Seattle Times, Jan. 16–17, 2010

Born in Paris, France, to Leib and Faiga Reichert, Albert Reichert’s seemingly idyllic childhood was shattered by the Holocaust. The tragedy of losing his parents at a tender age altered and informed his life journey. Brought to the U.S. by family on the East Coast, Albert applied himself in school, went on to Harvard University and then medical school. His interest in developmental and behavioral pediatrics brought him to Seattle, where he worked at the University of Washington’s Child Development and Mental Retardation Center (now the Center on Human Development and Disability), and then as superintendent of Rainier School for Retarded Children, in Buckley, Wash.

In the 1970s, Albert began his private practice, helping countless children and families. He remained dedicated to his practice until advanced pancreatic cancer made this impossible. The compassionate aid Albert brought to many, his humor, turn of phrase, and bigger-than-life personality won’t be forgotten.

Albert died peacefully in his home, surrounded by family. He was preceded in death by his wife of 44 years, Carol. He is survived by his children: Lo (Karen), David (Debra), Fran (Jim) and Matt (Steve), and his sister Annette (Irwin), as well as his sister-in-law Susan. Albert is also survived by his nephews and nieces: Peter (Catherine), Mitchell (Alona), Stuart (Lana), Stefanie, Uma, Leonard (Martha), Stephen (Teresa), Francine (Louis), and his grandchildren: Amanda, Rachel (Nathan), Adam, Nathaniel, Kristen, Tirza, Gabriela, Sam and Max, and Janet and Carly.

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