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Vol. 32, No. 2Summer 2009



Memories from the ninth annual UW School of Medicine

All-School Celebration June 5–6, 2009


The Class of 1954 celebrated their 55th reunion at the Seattle Yacht Club.


Also at the Seattle Yacht Club: the Class of 1959, marking the occasion of their 50th reunion.


Members of the Class of 1959 enjoy reminiscing at the reception held by Dean Paul G. Ramsey, M.D., on Friday night.


Tours — and a chance to learn more about UW Medicine’s faculty and programs — are an important part of the All-School weekend. William P. Shuman, Res.’91, vice chair in the Department of Radiology and director of clinical radiology, shows alumni imaging equipment housed at UW Medical Center.


Sonja Maddox, M.D. ’99, Angelina Platas, M.D. ’99, Fel. ’03, Fel. ’04, and Kim O’Connor, M.D. ’99, enjoyed re-connecting at the All-School Celebration.


This year, Harry R. Kimball, Res. ’64, Res. ’68 (right), was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by Dean Paul G. Ramsey, M.D. (center), on behalf of the UW Medicine Alumni Association. Daniel L. Marks, Ph.D. ’93, M.D. ’95 (left), was awarded the Alumni Early Achievement Award.

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