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Vol. 32, No. 2Summer 2009

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Alumni play a critical role in supporting the UW School of Medicine and the UW Medicine Alumni Association, and there are many ways to become involved. If you are interested in any of the opportunities below — opportunities that will allow you to support students or your class — contact us at 206-685-1875, toll free 1-866-633-2586, or medalum@uw.edu.

Opportunity To help What it's about Contact
Admissions committee member Students Interview student candidates between October and March in Seattle and in the WWAMI region. Carol Teitz, M.D., associate dean for admissions: 206-543-6595 or email
Class representative Your class Become a liaison between the association and your class; help plan reunions. email
Clinic volunteer Students Work with medical students and faculty through the Community Health Advancement Program (CHAP) to benefit underserved communities. Visit the website. Rachel Lazzar: 206-543-9425 or email
Clinic volunteer, Aloha Inn Students Work with medical students to serve residents of transitional housing in Seattle on Sundays. email
Clinic volunteer, Al-Shifa Students Work with medical students in the Seattle area to serve immigrants from North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Visit the website. email
Dinner host (SAID) Students Host a dinner for a student(s) and talk about your specialty through the Student-Alumni Informational Dinners program (SAID). email
Home stay (HOST) Students Give a fourth-year student a place to stay during residency interviews through the Help Our Students Travel (HOST) program. email
International health advisor Students Promote clinical and research experiences for students interested in global health. Visit the website. Contact the student leaders listed on the website.
Mentor Students Sign on to be shadowed by high-school and college students — or simply to talk to them. Carol Teitz, M.D., associate dean for admissions: 206-543-6595 or email
Preceptor Students Sign on to be a preceptor for medical students. Angie Wick, curriculum office: 206-616-8637 or email
Reunion committee member Your class Help encourage your classmates to attend your reunion. email
Teacher Students Lead small groups, teach basic physical exams, serve as an examiner, or listen to oral case presentations — all part of the “Introduction to Clinical Medicine” course. Julie Calcavecchia: 206-221-3532 or email
Tour guide Students Encourage high-school students and others to pursue medicine by touring them through Health Sciences Center and UW Medical Center. Julie Collier: 206-685-1933 or email
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