Vol. 33, No. 1     Winter 2010
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We’ve highlighted content we thought would be of special interest to you, below, but don’t hesitate to browse. You’ll find items to interest you in every section, from news, to student stories, to — of course! — this issue’s features on primary care and genomic medicine.

Special in This Issue

Report to Donors 2008–2009

Report to Donors 2008–2009

Stories about our contributors: a wife recognizes her husband's excellent care, a family celebrates life after stroke, a beloved aunt's legacy lives on in scholarship.

Web Exclusives

Medical Student

Students and Debt

A number of people interviewed for our primary-care story mentioned reducing student debt as an incentive students considering the field. Why? The high cost of medical school.

Also in This Issue

Robert Jones

Student Voices

New Yorker Robert Jones has been a teacher and a consultant — and now he's a first-year medical student.

woman with pipette

News From UW Medicine

Learn about the latest in research, teaching and patient care.

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Special This Issue

Report to Donors 2008–2009
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