Vol. 33, No. 1     Winter 2010
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report to donors 2008–2009 Your contributions to our mission

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Report to Donors 2008–2009
Your contributions to our mission

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Lynn Hogan

Your Contributions to Our Mission

I’ll bet you have a mission. Perhaps yours is to raise great kids, or to write your memoirs, or simply to find fulfilling work.

UW Medicine has a mission, one that’s big and ambitious: to improve the health of the public. In the last fiscal year, nearly 1,200 organizations and more than 15,600 people — including 2,342 University of Washington School of Medicine alumni — made gifts or grants to support that mission.

While economic forecasts remain uncertain, the fact that you provided more than $156 million to support our work in medical research, patient care and education — what one of my colleagues calls “heroic medicine” — is a testament to your faith in our mission.

On this site, you’ll read about contributors who are helping us improve patient safety, explore the complex world of proteins, educate compassionate doctors and more. My thanks to them and to all of UW Medicine’s donors for improving the health of the public in the Northwest and around the globe.

Lynn Hogan's signature

Lynn K. Hogan,
Associate Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer
UW Medicine Advancement

Donor Pie Chart

Strengthening the endowment
Many contributors created or augmented endowments, invested funds that support UW Medicine’s work in perpetuity. More than $9.7 million in gifts and grants were directed to the endowment in the last fiscal year.

Endowment type New in
Chairs (for faculty) 1 82
Professorships (for faculty) 4 54
Student support 45 243
Research funds 13 192
Lectureships 2 32
Other 2 28