Vol. 33, No. 2     Fall 2010
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report to donors 2009–2010 Your contributions to our mission

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Report to Donors 2009–2010
Your contributions to our mission

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Lynn Hogan

Your Contributions to Our Mission

Asking good questions is a crucial part of making good decisions. Take this question: why not?

“Why not?” can be a challenge, but I also hear it as a call to action: an invitation to approach the future with an open mind and a willingness to explore. And isn’t that what medical science is all about? UW Medicine’s faculty, staff and students answer this question every day, and the result is scientific discoveries, enhanced patient care and improved educational programs.

Many of these achievements are made possible by you, our donors — more than 1,000 organizations and nearly 15,000 individuals (including more than 2,400 alumni from the University of Washington School of Medicine). In the past fiscal year, you contributed more than $137 million in gifts and grants to UW Medicine. In the pages that follow, you’ll read about a few of our contributors, people who challenge the status quo and push the art and science of medicine forward. My thanks to you all for making a good and generous decision: supporting UW Medicine’s work.

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Lynn K. Hogan,
Associate Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer
UW Medicine Advancement

2009 – 2010: The Year at a Glance

Donor Pie Chart

Strengthening the endowment
Many contributors created or augmented endowments, invested funds that support UW Medicine’s work in perpetuity. More than $9.9 million in gifts and grants were directed to the endowment in the last fiscal year.

Endowment type New in
Chairs (for faculty) 2 88
Professorships (for faculty) 3 56
Student support 14 257
Research funds 8 198
Lectureships 4 36
Other 5 32