Assistant Director for MEDEX – Alaska

I’ve lived in Alaska since 1983, after being assigned here by the US Air Force.  After retiring from the military in 1994, I’ve been working in medicine throughout Alaska, both in remote settings as well as in “urban” Alaska.  I’ve been with MEDEX since we started the new site in Anchorage, and recently decided to increase to full-time.  I believe that our MEDEX Alaska program exemplifies the program’s mission by allowing our students to train with underserved populations and perform clinical rotations in remote areas.

Alaska can be an extremely challenging environment in which to practice medicine, but I find it quite rewarding also.  Physician assistants have been working in all areas of medicine here in Alaska for 40 years, and I find that we are respected and accepted as an integral part of healthcare throughout the state.  It’s a great place to be a physician assistant.

I’ve been involved in general aviation since I was a teenager, and Alaska provides me the unique opportunity to continue to build and fly aircraft of all types.  We also enjoy ocean kayaking in the summer months in the magnificent bays and fjords of Prince William Sound.