Didactic Faculty, Didactic Site Coordinator— Anchorage

I joined MEDEX as a part-time faculty member in 2009 with the first class at the then-new Anchorage site. As a member of the didactic team, I have lectured for Basic Clinical Skills, Pathophysiology, Adult Medicine, Maternal and Child Health and Emergency Medicine. I was drawn to MEDEX because of their mission, and as is true with many PAs, my own personal need to give back and encourage and mentor the future of our profession.

I graduated from King’s College Physician Assistant Program with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies in 2003. I practiced in northeastern Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised, for just over four year before moving to Alaska.  I always had a need and the drive to help others, and I was not satisfied with my work in Pennsylvania. My husband and I moved to Alaska in the winter of 2007. Since then, I have been employed full-time at the Southcentral Foundation, working with the Alaska Native and American Indian population. Currently I am the clinical director of the fast track in the Alaska Native Medical Center emergency department.