Associate Professor, Director of Evaluation

I attended the University of Washington, completing a PhD (1995) in social and personality psychology, with an emphasis in quantitative methods. In 1999, I joined the University of Washington Department of Bioinformatics and Medical Education as a faculty member. My work focused on testing, evaluation, bioinformatics, and medical, physician assistant, and interprofessional student education (IPE). In 2011, I moved to work fulltime for MEDEX Northwest and the Department of Family Medicine. My current work focuses primarily on research/scholarship, mentoring, and program evaluation. My research and scholarly interests have varied over the years, but currently include veterans and the PA profession, PAs and medical error, interprofessional education (IPE), provider communication, and workforce. My principal goal is to help MEDEX contribute to the PA and interprofessional literatures. The most important, enjoyable and balancing aspect of my career is assisting junior faculty to become scholars and contributors.

Family Medicine Profile