Senior Lecturer – Emeritus

My father was a Navy officer, so I grew up moving around a lot.  The two years we lived in Japan made a life-long impression on me. Rhode Island and the Philadelphia area are the two places where I spent the most time prior to moving to the Northwest in 1978.  I was a teenager in the 1960s, so I lived through the civil rights struggle and the Vietnam War protests, though I was not an active participant in either.  I earned a bachelor’s degree from Brown University in history and was working as a hospital orderly when I heard about a new profession called physician assistant in 1972.  I found myself in the third PA class at Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital (now part of Drexel University), graduating in 1975.  I worked on their faculty for three years before coming to MEDEX, where I have been ever since.  I did part-time clinical work in internal medicine and community clinics until 1994.  I have been proud to make my contribution to the PA profession through education.