Corey Hatfield, PA-C

Community Health Care, Lakewood, WA
MEDEX Seattle Class 34

“I’ve been a preceptor for MEDEX Northwest since 2002. Over those years I’m sure that I’ve worked with more than 100 students. I remember the mentors I had in both my military career and as a PA. I’ve been very fortunate to work with some of the best, and I want to be able to pass on what they taught me to others just starting out. Under the watch of preceptors students learn that there is no one absolute method of treating patients. All providers use a variety of methods to obtain history, conduct exams, come to appropriate diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. By observing this diversity, students can begin to form their own style and method for treating patients. Medicine is not only a science but an art, and it is through the observation of the artist that we learn how to improve out own skills.

To volunteer as a preceptor one must be willing to listen first and instruct second. Remember how you became a provider and who influenced you the most. Be humble—no one knows everything, and everyone appreciates it when you admit it. Recognize a student’s strengths, encourage them to use these and help strengthen their weaknesses without reproach.”

Carey Hatfield was the recipient of the MEDEX Outstanding Preceptor Award for 2013.

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