Welcome to the MEDEX Northwest application site.

Application Cycle

The MEDEX application is now closed for the 2017/18 cycle! All CASPA and MEDEX applications submitted before the deadlines will be reviewed and all applicants will be provided application status by email. The application for the 2018/19 cycle will open in May 2018.

Please note: the degree options have changed in Tacoma and Anchorage. Beginning in the 2018/19 application cycle, MEDEX is no longer accepting applications to the BCHS program. All applicants are encouraged to review these changes on the MEDEX website before submitting their applications.

Applicant Information

You will find detailed information about application requirements and processes throughout this section of the MEDEX web site.  Details on information sessions, prerequisites and application requirements can all be found here.


You will also find relevant information about MEDEX Northwest on the following pages:

  • Campus Locations offers descriptions of our different educational sites and some information about the places where they are located.
  • Program Statistics will show you some characteristics of the recent classes we have enrolled.
  • Program Cost will help you identify potential expenses as you begin budgeting for PA school.

Once you have decided on a training site, and you have completed your prerequisites, apply to the program!