Name field: Enter your full current legal name and any previous legal names you have used. You have the opportunity to enter any nicknames or preferred names, if different from your legal name in the Current Name field.

You have the option to enter your personal pronouns. This field is not required and the information entered here will not impact reviews of any application, but can help us communicate correctly with you.

Email address: Enter current and most used email contact address.

  • MEDEX will communicate with applicants via email throughout the admissions process.
  • Check your email regularly.
  • Make sure MEDEX is in your email account address book so group emails are not automatically declined.
  • Periodically check the junk mail or trash folder.
  • Email questions directly to MEDEX at

Applicants who have specific questions about the CASPA application should email CASPA directly at

Make sure that contact information is accurate and current. Email or call the MEDEX office with any address, phone number, or email address updates.

Additional Information

New Applicant vs. Re-applicant:

Mark the “new application” field if there is no record of applying to the MEDEX Northwest program within the last five years (since 2014).

Mark the re-applicant box only if an application was previously submitted to the MEDEX Northwest within the last five years. If you are a re-applicant, indicate whether or not you have interviewed with MEDEX before and in what year(s).

Languages Spoken:

Applicants who speak or read any language other than English should indicate this on the application.