For Reapplicants

Applicants who have applied to the MEDEX program within the last five (5) years are considered reapplicants.

The reapplicant personal statement must be completed in addition to the general personal statement.

In the space provided on the application form, explain what you have done to strengthen your application.

Please do not copy any previous personal statements into your new application.

Please limit the reapplicant statement to 500 words.

For Military Applicants

All applicants with prior military experience are required to complete the Military section of the MEDEX Supplemental Application.

If you are an Active Duty service member or currently serving in the National Guard or Reserve, you must complete all elements of this section of the MEDEX Supplemental Application.

All former service members are required to submit the DD214 to complete the Supplemental Application; a copy DD214 form is required if you are no longer on active or reserve status. Please scan and e-mail your form to or mail a COPY to:

Attn: Admissions
4311 11th Ave NE Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98105

If your separation date is after being accepted to the MEDEX program, submit a copy of the DD214 as soon as it becomes available.  This form is required.

Equivalent Proof of Service documents (SF 180 or a statement from your current commander listing your status and good standing) are required if you are continuing military service.

Submit a copy of all documentation of training and coursework completed through the military directly to MEDEX Northwest.  Transcripts for Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard may be obtained through the new Joint Services Transcript service. Air Force transcripts are available through CCAF.

This section requires that applicants provide details specific to their military training.

An additional military-specific personal statement must be completed as a supplement to the CASPA statement and the general MEDEX personal statement (and reapplicant statement if applicable). It is important for MEDEX to understand this part of your background since about 20-30% of our students come with prior military experience. Please limit the military personal statement to 500 words.

International Medical Graduates

All applicants with prior medical school education are required to complete this section of the MEDEX Supplemental Application.

For International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

  • Applicants who graduated from medical school in any country other than the United States are considered international medical graduates (IMGs).
  • All IMGs are required to complete the IMG section of the MEDEX Supplemental Application.
  • All IMGs are required to submit official copies of their translated transcripts directly to MEDEX Northwest on or before the final application deadline of September 1st. Course by course evaluations should also be sent to CASPA during the application process.
  • These transcripts are required and will be used to verify the academic information entered into the CASPA application.
  • MEDEX cannot verify your academic information without the required translated, course-by-course transcript evaluation.
  • MEDEX does not support student visas. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents will not qualify for enrollment at MEDEX.
  • TOEFL scores are required for all applicants without a bachelor’s degree in the US, Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, or the United Kingdom. A minimum overall score of 92 is required on the internet-based exam. Official scores must be sent to CASPA using code #3709.


  • MEDEX Northwest does NOT require the completion of the USMLE or ECFMG.
  • Passing these medical licensing exams does not replace the need for completed academic and clinical experience prerequisites for MEDEX Northwest.