Technical Standards

Download the Technical Standards to read, and make sure that you understand the contents of this document before beginning the online application.

Criminal Background Check

MEDEX Northwest requires all newly admitted students to apply for a background check using the same system the University of Washington School of Medicine has adopted.

Background checks will be required prior to beginning each year of the program and will cost the student approximately $75 each year. Some clinical training sites may require additional background checks. Make sure you read and understand the criminal history background check information. More information about the criminal background check will be provided if accepted to the MEDEX program.

Immunization Requirements

All MEDEX students must comply with UW Health Science Immunization Program (HSIP) and MEDEX Northwest immunization requirements throughout their tenure in the physician assistant program; this includes timely documentation of compliance and submission of required paperwork. All immunizations are required prior to the start of the didactic phase of the program beginning with the online anatomy and physiology course. Compliance with immunization policies is required during both the didactic and clinical years. These compliance requirements include all immunizations including the HepB series, TB screening, annual flu shots, and other immunizations listed in this Immunization Document.

If immunization requirements are not met by the start of the didactic year, the student will not be allowed to continue participation in academic activities. If reported as non-compliant while in the program, a student will not be considered to be in good standing. The student may not be present in patient care settings in the didactic or clinical phase, financial aid will be withheld, and a registration hold will be applied.