Q: What degree options are available through MEDEX?

A: MEDEX Northwest, the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Washington School of Medicine, offers a Master or Bachelor of Clinical Health Services degree (MCHS or BCHS). All students who complete the program successfully also earn a Certificate of Completion, which qualifies them to take the national certification examination.

The master’s degree option is offered in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Anchorage, AK.

The bachelor’s option is offered in Anchorage AK, and Tacoma, WA.

Q: I already have a bachelor’s degree but I want to apply to the Tacoma or Anchorage site. Can I go there and earn a second bachelor’s degree?

A: Yes, this is certainly an option for those with a prior bachelor’s degree. Students would receive a second bachelor’s degree if they meet general university requirements for admissions and graduation.  There are some limitations on financial aid options for second-degree students.

Q: Can I apply to both degree options if I do not have a preference?

A: No, applicants must indicate one degree option on their application. Students will not be allowed to transfer from one degree option to the other. Review the details and prerequisite information for each degree option to determine which one is most appropriate.

Q: What if I don’t have a site preference? Can I go anywhere?

A: Applicants will indicate their first and second site preference on their MEDEX Supplemental Application. This will be based on the degree option they are applying to and whether they satisfy the prerequisites for that degree option.

An applicant cannot select the master’s option in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma or Anchorage if they do not have a prior bachelor’s degree or do not meet the master’s prerequisites. Additionally, applicants cannot apply to a master’s site with a bachelor’s site as a second site choice.

Q: If I go to Tacoma or Anchorage do I have to stay the second year for my clinical training?

A: Not necessarily, although the Anchorage site is meant to train students who want to practice in Alaska to help meet the health needs of that state. Alaska students are encouraged to stay for both years. Clinical year placements are open to students from all sites and are located throughout the WWAMI region. We expect that applicants from Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Nevada would desire to be closer to home during their second year, however clinical placements are made on an individual basis in collaboration with the MEDEX Clinical Team.  All students are expected to travel for some assignments during the clinical phase. The ultimate goal is to provide students with the best clinical training opportunities to become a solid primary care clinician.

Q: Where will I do my clinical training?

A: MEDEX has over 700 clinical training sites throughout the WWAMI region, plus Nevada. There may also be underserved site options in the western US. There are clinical training opportunities in hospitals, private clinics, prisons, specialty clinics, community health centers, farmworker clinics and Indian Health sites. All students are expected to travel during their clinical rotations and each student will have an underserved community experience.

Q: Do I have to come to Seattle if I apply for the Spokane, Tacoma, or Anchorage training site?

A: Yes. Students are required to be at the Seattle site for 6 weeks during the first summer quarter. This includes a 2-week in-class wrap-up to the online Anatomy and Physiology course and the 4-week Basic Science in Clinical Medicine course. Attendance at these courses is required of all MEDEX students. Passing both the Basic Science in Clinical Medicine course and the Anatomy and Physiology course is necessary to proceed into autumn quarter.

Additionally, master’s students are required to be in Seattle for two weeks during the summer between the classroom and clinical phases (second summer quarter).